There’s a smarter way to manage your advertising.

Reimagine marketing intelligence and adopt a holistic solution tailored to modern advertising.

Unify your cross-channel data.

LumenAd is an advertisement management platform that unifies all your programmatic, direct, search and social data into one intuitive hub.

It’s purpose-built to solve the unique challenges of cross-channel media campaigns with centralized visibility into every digital investment.

Fuel Productivity

Automate your workflow by aggregating and normalizing all data, regardless of platform or vendor.

Grow Purposefully

Build your digital team on a proven framework designed to scale your digital advertising.

Shape Strategy

Adopt an agile advertising strategy by proactively surfacing insights and acting on them.

Prove ROI

Draw a direct line between ad spend and your company’s bottom line by harmonizing every data source. In LumenAd, everything speaks apples-to-apples.

Streamline Communication

Empower every stakeholder with access to the right data at the right time with role-based permissions.

“LumenAd has done an amazing job at data visualization – it’s not something that many companies in our space have mastered!”


Your advertising management toolkit.

Cross-channel campaign planning, optimization and analytics software that helps your marketing team thrive.

Set Up

Account for every detail with a campaign framework that ensures your data is correctly organized – from the most granular creative-level insights to holistic views of every campaign.


Integrate all channels, data sources and vendors for centralized visibility across the digital ecosystem. Spend less time gathering data and more time acting on it.


Surface actionable insights in real time by keeping a pulse on performance across all channels with intuitive visualizations.


Craft custom branded reports in a matter of minutes (or less). And we don’t mean exported spreadsheets, we mean beautiful, robust reports you’ll actually look forward to.

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Software & service plans.

Create a package of software and services that perfectly suits your advertising goals.

Whether you want to get started with LumenAd today, or seeking consultation from our expert team of media professionals, we’ve got you covered.

"LumenAd is changing the analytics game and is an incredibly effective tool for advertisers."

– Firehouse

“We needed a partner that was both data-driven and transparent... their custom reporting addresses both.”

– RKD Group

“I’ve become an all-knowing, all-seeing omnipotent master of [our vendors].”

– Partners Creative

Let’s get started.

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