Digital advertising solutions to
modern marketing problems.

Reintroducing Lumenad

Digital Advertising has been and
will always be in our DNA.

For almost a decade, the team at Lumenad has been in the business of supporting marketers in their paid advertising efforts. To do that, we launched a best-in-class managed media service—partnering with organizations of all shapes and sizes to execute their ad campaigns. Along the way, we realized that there was a major problem with using ad performance data to report on those campaigns. So, we created a solution for managing cross-channel campaign data as well.

Lumenad is the parent organization to the two companies supporting the core values we’ve stood behind since the beginning. Whether you’re looking for a free app to unify ad data, or a white gloved media team to achieve your paid advertising goals, we have the solutions to get you there.

Pathlabs logo

An end-to-end digital media partner built for agencies.

In a product-obsessed world, Pathlabs doubles down on service-based solutions – combining the best of both worlds between in-house teams and media vendors. We focus on planning, executing, optimizing, and reporting of performance-based paid advertising campaigns – providing our clients a single point of entry into the world of digital media and the people to make it happen.

Joinr logo

Joinr: The Ad Data Standardization Tool

Joinr is an app that automatically unifies Google and Facebook ad data and then flows it to Google Data Studio for easy visualization. With just a few clicks, Joinr provides marketers with blended, cross-channel campaign data—making reporting on ad performance or extracting campaign insights quick and easy. Our app is free, and ever-evolving with new data connectors and features—make sure to sign up for platform updates.

Lumenad is retaining the continual goals of identifying new problems within the world of digital advertising, looking for new opportunities on how to solve them, and re-imagining paid media best practices.

If you have questions about either of these organizations, please contact us through the specific organizations linked above.