Uncover the truth in your advertising data.

Cross-channel advertising intelligence, at your fingertips.

We Understand.

The media-rich digital advertising ecosystem drowns in data coming from disparate platforms, leaving marketers to try and make sense of it all.

Our Solution.

Data should boost you up, not drag you down. Lumenad organizes data from across sources and evolves reports from merely “what happened” to “why it happened” – bringing you closer to true advertising intelligence.

Nirvana Found.

Spend less time struggling and more time delivering smart, data-based insights and feel confident you’re delivering the most value from every ad dollar.

The Product.

Lumenad is advertising intelligence software that delivers holistic, hassle-free organization, management and elegant reporting of all of your cross-channel data, from virtually any source.


Say goodbye to spreadsheet mania, say hello to proactive campaign management.

Uncover powerful insights from data and use those learnings to become an ad data hero.

By using Lumenad, our team spent 50-70% less time on reporting, we were able to use that time to further enrich the campaigns and drive performance for our clients.

Ryan Rodgers | President, Embee Media

“Immediately after creating our first dashboard, we gained important insights leading us to make campaign changes resulting in more conversions with less spend. Lumenad is a total game-changer.”

Ceci Dadisman | Director of Marketing, FlashHouse

The Lumenad software is allowing us to scale our business. We are on a growth trajectory, and we are confident to onboard new business because of Lumenad.

Alissa Menke | Owner & Chief Digital Strategist, Cohort Digital

Case Study

Penna Powers Turns to Lumenad to Automate Insights.