I think we all feel it on some level: there’s this inherent potential in this digital age of advertising that’s going untapped.

It’s because digital advertising campaigns these days is like one of those pick two memes: performance, profitability, scalability.

The result is that just about every organization that has some sort of in-house media team isn’t using them to their fullest potential. For in-house media to work, you need all three: performance, profitability and scalability.

You gotta break the triangle to bring media in-house. And the only way to do that is by empowering your media and analytics teams to their best work.

But there are two big hurdles they face:


1. They’re Stuck In Spreadsheets.

Your team is drowning in data. To the point where there are likely people whose whole job is dedicated to just grinding out the grunt work of managing it all.

On fishbowl or other anonymized industry message boards, a common question comes up in the analytics, ad ops and media sections that essentially boils down to “when do I get to do my job?” Answers usually boil down to “better get used to it.”

Most of the people hired to analyze and optimize campaigns can’t do so because they’re lost in spreadsheets spending their days trying to wrangle data together.


2. They’re Slaves to Almighty BI/MI.

The tools to “solve” for this deluge of data often create more problems than they solve.

Again, check out fishbowl for some honest insight into this phenomenon. Analytics and media team members will refer to themselves as slaves to the Business or Marketing Intelligence tool they use.

Instead of an asset, these expensive cumbersome tools (that only solve for a few pain points) become another burden.

They Know Their Stuff.

Media and analytics teams have the brains to solve for that triangle we discussed earlier. But they can’t get close because they’re either drowning in data, or burdened by the tools meant to help them.

Think about their potential for a sec. Few people have the level of access to insights and the potential to act on them than your digital media and analytics teams.

And everyone in your organization will benefit:

+   Creatives will have a better idea of how their work performs.

+   Accounts will communicate more clearly with clients.

+   Leadership can get a more transparent view of their investments into vendors, personnel, etc.

The way the industry is headed, you can’t afford not to have a media or analytics team that performs to its fullest potential.



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