Why Organic Social Media Content Still Matters

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Education

Say you’re paying to get your brand noticed on social media. Smart move. Gone are the days where brands can gain meaningful traction with organic content alone.

But that doesn’t mean you should chuck your organic content plan to the side. It still matters … here’s why:

7 Qs for Bringing Media In-House Q 3
You have just spent money to get your message in front of your target audience. The message resonated, driving your core audience to your social feed. Now, what’s going to get them to stick around? Content that delivers value to their lives.

People are on social media for entertainment. They are looking for meaningful ways to engage and connect. Why? Because it’s useful, helpful or fun (preferably all three).

Brands need to keep one question front and center when it comes to the organic content they produce for social media: How can we deliver value to our audiences?

If your social media feeds are chock full of valuable content, your audiences will want to engage, they’ll keep coming back for more  and – because you regularly deliver valuable content – they’ll be more tolerant when you finally ask them to convert (i.e., make a donation, buy what you are selling, sign up for your newsletter, etc.)

7 Qs for Bringing Media In-House Q 3
As you earn your audience’s trust, you are provided the opportunity to share a deliberate brand story with a community of people. Always remember that community is the cornerstone of social media.

It’s important to take a step back and remember that brand affinity doesn’t come from having killer creative. It comes from building that trust and alliance over time. Ads can ask people to listen, organic content can make your story sing.

7 Qs for Bringing Media In-House Q 3
Listening is a two-way street. Learn what matters to your customers, understand what you are doing well and the areas where you’re falling short.

Embrace the opportunity to use social media to deliver customer service. It’s not breaking news that more and more people turn to social media as a customer service resource. By having a strong organic presence, you are embracing the opportunity to be a brand that delights its customers.

7 Qs for Bringing Media In-House Q 3

Social media allows you to have conversations with your loyal followers and customers. This includes listening and responding to what they are telling you, which is a cheap way to get to know what’s resonating and then apply those learnings to your paid advertising campaigns.

That brings us back to the top. Let’s recap with a full-circle moment:

7 Qs for Bringing Media In-House Q 3
That’s how best to think about organic social. If you’d like help thinking through your paid social, especially as it relates to other channels, schedule a demo of LumenAd today.

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