What Is Advanced TV?

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Education

Advanced TV combines the power of traditional TV advertising with the programmatic possibilities of the digital age.

The definition of Advanced TV is broad, but can be condensed as: television content that is not delivered through traditional models (i.e., broadcast as well as linear satellite and cable).

Thanks to Advanced TV, television content is being consumed in more ways, on more devices and in more places than ever before. Ads in this ecosystem are more accessible, measurable, personalized and impactful.

Advanced TV is considered a “channel” similar to display, search or social. Under the Advanced TV umbrella, are Programmatic Linear TV, Addressable TV and Connected TV. Let’s dive into each.

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Programmatic Linear

Programmatic Linear is the most similar of all the Advanced TV platforms to traditional TV advertising. Basically, it’s where programmatic ads run on live TV through linear methodology.

For viewers, there is no difference between Programmatic Linear TV ads and traditional TV ads. Programmatic Linear TV ads will run during any regular scheduled program, such as daily new shows, sporting events, or sitcoms regardless of viewership.

Reporting for Programmatic Linear TV ads is based on traditional TV metrics such as daypart, network, and GRP.

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Despite an increasing number of cord-cutters, linear TV still enjoys a sizable national audience that is accessible through Programmatic Linear TV.

Sources: comScore, Neilson

Why Consider Programmatic Linear TV?

+   Get the greatest reach and scale out of all Advanced TV platforms.

+   Enjoy national and local reach plus control over when and where ads air.

+   Optimize based on best performing dayparts, networks and programs.

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Addressable TV

Addressable TV is where you purchase audiences, not content. It provides the ability to show specific ads to unique households. So, the ad you see may be different than the ad your neighbor sees during the same program.

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Over half of US households have cable or satellite boxes capable of delivering target ads.
Sources: comScore, Neilson

Why Consider Addressable TV?

+    Match 1st and 3rd party data to cable/satellite subscribers while achieving significant scale.

+    Reduce waste by targeting specific audiences in-market for your product, not blanket age/gender demos.

+    Access true audience-based buying with premier network providers.

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Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) is the most measurable Advanced TV platform. CTV streams programming to a television using an internet connection via an over-the-top (OTT) device.

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Newbie Note

OK, we’re throwing a lot of acronyms at you. Over-the-top devices are things like Roku, Apple TV, gaming consoles, and Smart TVs. The name comes from cable boxes. Essentially, with OTT devices you’re streaming content straight to your TV — in other words, over the top of your cable box (clever, right?).

Reporting with CTV ads includes standard conversion tracking as well as cross-screen, cross-device measurement with fully integrated retargeting capabilities.

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CTV viewers complete 98% of the ads they’re served. They are highly engaged with the programming and advertising.

Sources: comScore, Neilson

Why Consider CTV?

+   Reach the growing number of “cord-cutters” who don’t have a traditional TV service.

+   Maintain relevance with a specific audience across all of their devices for a sequential, more consistent brand story.

+   Gain access to consistent CTV reporting that mirrors digital reporting.

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Now imagine putting the power of your Advanced TV campaigns in the context of all your other efforts — from display, to search, to other entire campaigns. That’s why we created LumenAd, a central hub for all your digital advertising efforts.

Schedule a demo today to see how we can make Advanced TV work for your organization.

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