How to Track On-Page Vimeo Views Using GTM

This Google Tag Manager (GTM) recipe was originally written by LunaMetrics.

Tracking interactions with embedded on-page Vimeo videos can provide powerful insights into your audience and the effectiveness of your content. Here is how to use GTM to track on-page Vimeo views.


What’s in this recipe:

+  Two Google Tag Manager Triggers
+  Three Google Manager Tags
+  Three variables 


All of which work with each other to track a Vimeo Video on websites and allows you to trigger data-layer events based off of: 

+  the “Play” button
the “Pause” button
a “Watch to the End”
when users watch 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 90% of each video on the page


LumenAd has adjusted this script to do the following  by default:
allow you to fire a Video View Complete Pixel on all pages on the site
to fire all video action events into Google Analytics




1. Download Container File →

Download the container JSON file to your computer (right-click on the link and click “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” to save the JSON file to your computer).


2. Import JSON File into GTM 

Navigate to your Google Tag Manager Container -> Admin Tab -> Container options, select IMPORT CONTAINER. Import the JSON file to your Container. More details here →


3. Update With Your Own Google Analytics ID

Update the new Constant Variable named {{YOUR_GA_TRACKING_ID}} with your Google Analytics Tracking ID (a.k.a. UA Number).

Or adjust the “GA – Event – Vimeo Tracking” tag with your already defined Google Analytics variable name (if you already have this set up).


4. Update the Video View Pixel: UPDATE HTML with Conversion Pixel Code

Drop your preferred tag in. You’ll have to create some kind of pixel code (static tag, floodlight activity) manually and drop it in the premade tag that is set up to fire on a “Watch to the End” event. You may also customize the trigger to just certain pages to narrow down video views to just one landing page.


5. Preview & Publish

Test this imported code and fire it in the GTM Debugger, more details here →

We also recommend checking the console as well, to ensure proper testing. If all looks good, publish!

Download JSON File

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