3 Reasons Why Digital Advertising Isn’t Suited for Franchise Marketing. Yet.

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Franchise marketing is like herding cats. You can kind of get a system down, but you’ll always be trying to get a group of independent individuals moving in one direction.

But the challenges of franchise marketing can also be strengths. Done well, franchises benefit from the goodwill and loyalty of a hometown favorite backed by the resources of national brand.

And many a franchise marketer has recognized the potential of digital advertising to develop these strengths. Unfortunately, digital advertising just isn’t well suited for the needs of the franchise marketer. Yet.


Here are three reasons why:


1. Digital advertising is super fragmented.


Communication and collaboration are central to what make franchise marketing work. Digital advertising makes both tough because there is no one source of truth.

A franchise might have 50 different stores all trying to manage their own social, search and online presence. Maybe there’s a handful of advertising agencies doing it all for them. Either way, you’ve got a lot of people using a lot of often disparate tools.

It’s near impossible to get a cohesive view of how everything is performing, communicate that performance and make it all work together.


2. Which makes franchise marketing difficult to standardize.


So, if you can’t even get a cohesive view of what’s happening due to fragmentation, how do you standardize messaging and strategy?

Repeatable, consistent brand messaging across all channels is a necessity for all organizations, especially franchises. There has to be a balance of the overarching brand voice with the individual franchise voice.

All the capabilities and touchpoints digital advertising introduces makes this standardization much more complex that it was in years past. What works on one channel won’t work in others and one wrong move has the potential to impact the whole brand.


3. And it’s prone to human error.


Digital advertising isn’t a walk in the park. And everyone involved in franchise marketing has varying levels of proficiency. The impact of this is that, even if you figure out solutions to fragmentation and standardization, the people executing the campaign may have trouble making it all happen.


What franchises need is one central hub that can standardize communication and strategies that all stakeholders can easily understand in real-time. Just saying…

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