University Uses Spotify Ads to Raise Awareness of Online Education Opportunities

Programmatic audio gets hyper focused.

LumenAd helped Hilton & Myers combine precise programmatic targeting with the reach of Spotify Ads to increase awareness among non-traditional students for a PAC-12 university’s online learning program.

did you know?
2019 saw a
30% YoY increase
in audio spend.


The average U.S. adult spends nearly
3 hours per day
on mobile app activities.


Of those three hours, people spend
53 minutes
consuming audio content, making it the greatest portion of that time.


Time spent on audio apps will be
on par with time spent on video apps
in the coming year.


Goal: To raise awareness, we needed to get specific.

A PAC-12 University wanted to increase brand awareness of its online education opportunities among potential students, ages 22 to 40, in four key cities. They wanted to target audio ads to very specific audience segments, including:

  • People who had attended some college.
  • People who were interested in online education. 
  • People who fell into both categories.

Solution: A granular strategy requires granular targeting.

Precise Buys

The agency, Hilton and Myers, knew that traditional radio and direct-digital audio buys wouldn’t allow the University to granularly target its predetermined audiences. So, they worked with LumenAd to design a programmatic audio buy to layer on more precise targeting to reach and raise awareness among the exact intended audiences.

Programmatic audio allows you to:
+ Get specific with demographic targeting.
+ Layer third-party data to get hyper focused.
+ Evaluate real-time performance early and often.

Performance-Based Flexibility

A programmatic buy also prevents you from having to sign a long-term – and often expensive – channel-specific contract. Evaluating performance in real-time is only valuable if you have the flexibility to pivot swiftly mid-campaign to take advantage of better performing channels.

Constant Optimizations

Daily micro optimizations are imperative for programmatic audio because the volume of listeners continually fluctuates. The power of programmatic audio is realized when ads are delivered directly to individuals when they are actively listening during peak times. This requires human capital to continually analyze campaign data for insights that result in impactful campaign insights.

Result: We connected more students to accessible higher education opportunities.

This campaign successfully raised awareness among the intended audiences in target geos and maximized reach within the set budget. 

A consistent completed-listen rate of 95% or higher.
A percentage of listeners were willing to interrupt their audio experience to click on a companion ad, a supporting metric to demonstrate we reached the right audience.
An increase in organic search traffic to the University’s site during the campaign vs. previous period indicated the audio ads drove increased awareness amongst the highly-specific target audience.

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