Roaring Into the 20s: What’s Next for LumenAd and How We Kicked It All Off

by | Jan 30, 2020

Last week, we flew everyone in to the (newly renovated!) Missoula HQ for an all-hands meeting followed by a “Roaring 20s” themed bash.

It was the first time we were all together in one place (except the Brno office! Next year, we promise.). We took this opportunity to do two things: reflect on 2019 and set the stage for 2020.

We also partied. 

2019 was good to us.


But 2019 was also a year of learning, and we’re excited to apply those lessons to 2020 and beyond.

Throughout it all, one thing has become clear to us: the solutions we’ve built resonate.

There is a very real need for marketers to get more value out of their advertising. Kind of an obvious statement to some, but when you break it down into what LumenAd solves for, some pretty exciting insights come to the surface.

One such insight is that a true advertising management solution — like the one we’ve builtgoes beyond data connectivity and provides an elegant solution to digest and organize data. The result is better decisions made faster.

We’re excited to share more insights like this as the year goes on. Be sure to subscribe below for more.

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