Manchester United


With no digital-ready ad units, Manchester United needed a team to launch an overnight cross-channel campaign to promote ticket sales for The Unmissable Tour 2017.


While the Creative team worked from existing print and digital assets to build out units customized to each game of the tour, the Accounts team assembled a targeting strategy that leveraged client, behavioral, and geo-targeting data. In addition, we focused on white-listing contextually relevant, high-value soccer and geographically relevant news websites.


Sales, Accounts, and client teams connected daily to give up-to-the-minute performance reports. The campaign was front-loaded with awareness initiatives to engage with the fan base. As awareness grew stateside, messaging transitioned to conversion mode with heavy retargeting and search ads as ticket sales rolled in. All said and done, stadium attendance exceeded expectations in large part to the partnership with LumenAd, all for a budget that was less than you’d expect.


RobbinsKersten Direct



RobbinsKersten Direct (RKD) provides fundraising and marketing solutions to nonprofits. A year ago they started collaborating with LumenAd on their direct-response, non-profit clients and prospects.


Running successful campaigns in the nonprofit industry requires an understanding of its nuances. Our Accounts, Ad Ops, and Development departments joined forces with RKD as an extension of their team, not just a vendor.


The relationship quickly became a partnership. A year later, teams still meet multiple times a week to discuss optimization strategies to improve performance across all accounts. It’s important to know and understand who you’re working with because success comes from collaboration. At LumenAd, customer service is as much a priority as the results. 

“LumenAd has been a huge boon to our digital agency. Their account team is very communicative and capable of adapting to our clients’ ever-changing plans. We knew we needed a partner that was both data-driven and transparent with their metrics – their custom reporting dashboard addresses both.”

Austin Nichols
Digital Media Manager, RobbinsKersten DirectRKD Logo


Community Medical Center



Community Medical Center (CMC), wanted to increase awareness and use of its 24-7 Nurse On Call hotline. Contrary to the normal push toward self-service, CMC wanted to offer and provide expert consultation instead of its customers turning to the web for initial medical guidance.


LumenAd worked with CMC on a strategy to build rich experience ad units using JavaScript and HTML5. For example, a mother nervously searching WebMD for “infant fever” would see a high quality geo-targeted ad unit and click to speak with a registered nurse.


The strategy worked and the results were phenomenal. The rich ad units and data-driven optimizations attracted those truly in need, and increased Click-to-Call volume by 82.5% over the course of the campaign. Success isn’t always driving sales, in the case of CMC it was about driving awareness to a call center product they invested in. Real conversations, with real people.

“For me, LumenAd has transcended the concept of a typical vendor. They are incredibly transparent on every level and make it crystal clear that their #1 priority is our organization’s success. They continue to go above and beyond, delivering the highest level of customer service and teamwork on each and every campaign. We’ve seen incredible results, results that I didn’t even imagine possible. I simply don’t see LumenAd as a vendor, I see them as a highly respected and integral part of my team.”

Geoff Peddicord
Director of Marketing, Community Medical Center

Community Medical Center Logo


Luxury Auto Dealership



Spend minimums, mediocre performance, and slow response to account requests were just a few reasons The Partnership was looking for a new AdTech partner to help with their clients digital campaigns.


Both LumenAd and The Partnership devised a strategy to create hyper-focused campaign optimizations to fuel performance and grow the account. Contextual targeting was leveraged against competing brands, which ultimately drove new calls and sales to the dealership.


Through iterations of weekly whitelist updating, refined audience segmentation, call tracking, and search campaigns against specific inventory, CPE was driven down from $5.00 to $1.65. Sometimes it just takes a fresh team. LumenAd is committed to relationships and performance. In this case, a 60% improvement in the CPE metric.

“LumenAd came to us at the perfect time. We were eager to launch a campaign in a matter of a week, and LumenAd worked effortlessly to meet our deadline. That’s when we knew they were going to be an excellent long-term partner. The team is always there to support us with new businesses pitches, are highly invested in our campaigns, and we’ve observed digital conversions that have exceeded our expectations!”

Ashley Nix
Digital Strategist, The Partnership

The Partnership Logo


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