Webinar: Overcoming Obstacles to Scaling Your Digital Ad Agency

With Alissa Menke

Digital advertising agencies walk a tightrope when it comes to providing media buying and campaign reporting services to their clients. They need to provide excellent campaign management but the manual, error-prone reporting process often takes too much time, leading agencies to have to “eat” the reporting hours spent on each client campaign. This leaves many agencies wondering how they’ll ever scale. Account managers and media buyers don’t have time to take on more clients and the agency can’t afford to hire anyone else. The math just doesn’t make sense. 

In this webinar, we chat with Alissa Menke, Chief Digital Strategist and Owner of cohort.digital. Menke covers the following topics.

The Challenges of Founding a New Digital Agency

Menke founded cohort.digital during the pandemic and has built a thriving, growing business. But it wasn’t without its challenges. She tells the story of how cohort came to be from a previous, traditional ad agency, and what she needed to learn to make her dream of an all-digital agency a reality.

Why Scaling an Agency is Difficult

You’ll hear Menke explain why scaling was nearly impossible in the traditional advertising agency environment. Manual, time-consuming work that couldn’t be billed to clients resulted in a digital media team whose plates were full. New clients couldn’t be added without adding staff. And staff couldn’t be added without more billable work. Listen in as Menke talks about how she enabled her new team to get out of this vicious cycle.

What it Takes Lead a Business

What’s are the personality traits a business leader needs to start and scale an agency? Menke says:

“You have to be a person that’s willing to take a risk. That has a vision and isn’t going to let setbacks stand in the way.”

You won’t want to miss this inspiring portion of the conversation that gets into why it’s crucial to look at every challenge, success, AND failure as a learning process.

How Technology Helps a Digital Ad Agency Scale

Menke discusses the practical resources that help her agency grow as painlessly as possible. These include amazing employees who care about their work, a great accounting system, project management processes that help the team standardize their project management, and data reporting software. She also talks about the unexpected benefit of their reporting tool to their business development process. The ability to pull up reports on the fly in new business meetings has led to the agency bringing on new clients. 

The One Thing Agencies Should Focus on for Future Success

Your people, says Menke. With the “great resignation” upon us, keeping your team happy is more important than ever. Making sure they have access to great tools that allow them to cut out the mundane tasks of their workday and focus on the things they love – running great campaigns – is essential. Menke discusses her strategies and policies that provide a flexible, familial, and prosperous culture that employees think twice about leaving.

If inefficient processes are keeping your agency from scaling, this webinar will inspire you to think outside the box and find new ways to enable growth.

Alexandra Deuel,

Digital Marketing Expert, Lumenad

Alex has built rich experience across media coordination, account management, and digital media management at Lumenad over the last three years. Her extensive work managing paid advertising campaigns for both agency clients and the Lumenad brand have allowed her to develop unique, highly valuable perspectives and insights into digital advertising challenges, strategies, and technology. Prior to Lumenad, Alex coordinated marketing programs for TrovaTrip and worked as a Senior Account Operations Specialist for Nike.

Alissa Menke,

Chief Digital Strategist and Owner, cohort.digital

Alissa Menke spent a decade working in a traditional agency environment where she founded the digital marketing department. She has led teams as a Director of Marketing and a V.P. of Innovation. In 2020, Menke founded cohort.digital to help clients build smart digital strategies and manage paid search, digital, video and social media ad campaigns. She spends her time building the agency’s thriving business and helping the cohort team work smarter, not harder.