Webinar: Top 5 Tips for Designing an Intelligent Paid Ad Strategy

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Creating an effective paid ad strategy across channels is no easy feat. Marketing pros often find themselves sidetracked by siloed platforms, budget challenges, and reporting. And given the level of complexity present in the digital advertising landscape, it can be hard to evaluate whether your campaign performance is truly optimized or whether you need to try something new.

In this recorded webinar, one of Lumenad’s own digital marketing experts will share five must-know tips for designing intelligent paid advertising campaigns that balance tried and true tactics with forward-thinking strategy to ultimately generate results.

You’ll Learn About These 5 Paid Ad Strategy Tips

  1. Think full funnel
    The marketing funnel is ever-important. Maybe even more important for creating truly effective paid ad strategies. But clients often come to agencies with a conversion-focused mindset. Lumenad digital marketing expert Alex Deuel discusses strategically planning for every stage of the user journey and gets into the nitty gritty of the awareness, consideration and conversion stages of the funnel. We talk about why a conversion-only campaign may be short-sighted. Then Alex runs through an example scenario and takes a deep dive into funnel stage digital advertising KPI recommendations.
  2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
    The web is a big place. And with 93% of Americans using the web to find local businesses, marketers can’t afford not to diversify their ad campaigns across multiple channels. Alex explains four major considerations for diversifying paid ad campaigns. She also talks about frequency and how to make sure your audiences have ample opportunity to discover your ads, while not inundating them.
  3. Consider the audience and your competition when it comes to channel and budget strategy
    Alex talks about the importance of knowing how your audience behaves in the digital ecosystem. Digital marketers need to consider 5 factors that relate to the behavior of the audience and the competition, as well as campaign goals. Alex tells us about the kinds of resources she uses for audience research and effective ways to drive success in each stage with big or small budgets.
  4. Understand your clients’ needs (and the ones they don’t yet know they have) when it comes to reporting
    A ton of strategy and work goes into launching a paid ad campaign. Once it’s out in the world, you have to face one of the biggest pain points for ad agencies: reporting. Alex points out that understanding how your client tells a data story is critical. And doing the legwork to uncover issues that might be thwarting their campaign performance, like a landing page that takes too long to load or an ineffective call to action, is key to not only optimizing the campaign, but developing trust and collaboration.
  5. Don’t be scared to try new things
    Humans often experience the effects of a status quo bias. They get so used to doing things a certain way, they shy away from change — even when trying new things could present major benefits. Alex talks about putting this into perspective for clients, ensuring changes align back to campaign goals and strategy, and the idea that digital marketers can’t afford to get too comfortable.

This is just a taste of topics covered in this in-depth webinar, which includes a Q&A at the end. Watch it now to learn how to design your own intelligent paid ad strategy.

Alexandra Deuel,

Digital Marketing Expert, Lumenad

Alex has built rich experience across media coordination, account management, and digital media management at Lumenad over the last three years. Her extensive work managing paid advertising campaigns for both agency clients and the Lumenad brand have allowed her to develop unique, highly valuable perspectives and insights into digital advertising challenges, strategies, and technology. Prior to Lumenad, Alex coordinated marketing programs for TrovaTrip and worked as a Senior Account Operations Specialist for Nike.

Beth Politsch,

Content Marketing Manager, Lumenad

Beth is a professional writer and contentmarketer who has worked in the tech industry for nearly a decade. Prior to joining Lumenad, Beth was the Senior Content Strategy Manager for OnSolve, a Content Marketing Strategist at Hyland, and a Content Marketing Writer and Strategist for Lexmark Enterprise Software, among others. Lumenad is her first foray into the world of Advertising Intelligence. She looks forward to hosting this Q&A and deepening her knowledge of digital advertising campaign strategy alongside the audience.