Rage Against the Data: Making sense of all your advertising data.


The deck is stacked against marketers trying to create successful paid advertising campaigns. In order to execute an effective ad strategy we need to make sure we are using multiple channels. However, with each platform using its own naming conventions and reporting mechanisms as a way to keep marketers investing in their singular platform, understanding how our holistic strategy is working can be difficult. To deal with this, marketers tend to roll up their sleeves and muster the grit and determination needed to sift through piles of conflicting paid advertising data. But even after hours (or days!) of a very manual and cumbersome process we still have the problem of: how do make sense of this avalanche of data sets from different advertising channels with different processes and different naming conventions?

Look, it’s 2021, we know there has to be a better way to manage paid advertising data. And spoiler alert, there is. Join us for a transparent chat with three marketers that are killing it with their digital advertising strategies. How do they manage and make sense of all these data sets? What processes have worked for them? How do they make quick, strategic decisions? Let’s rage against our advertising data and gain some control together.