Penna Powers Agency Reaches College Students with Pandemic Advertising Campaign

Timely education helps college students stay health during the pandemic.

Penna Powers is a full-service agency based in Salt Lake City. They became a Lumenad software customer to reduce the labor and time involved in crafting reports for their clients. During the height of the global pandemic, and just after onboarding Lumenad, they were selected to assist in the state of Utah’s Coronavirus outreach education efforts.

The Challenge.

After Utah reached a record number of positive COVID-19 cases, including an upward trend in areas surrounding Universities, the task force quickly rolled out an educational pandemic advertising campaign urging 15- to 24-year-olds to adhere to COVID healthy behavior protocols.

In today’s advertising environment, clients expect granular insights and agencies are expected to deliver them quickly. Utah’s governor-elect Spencer Cox (now the governor) was very invested in how many of his constituents were consuming the urgent messages. The Utah Department of Health and the governor’s office requested data that broke down the specific demographics of who was reached and where.

The Solution.

Because the campaign data was already connected and standardized in Lumenad, the Penna Powers team was able to deliver the requested data needed within hours. Using the reporting dashboard, the team crafted a report that showcased cross-channel performance by device.


The Results.

The team generated a report, fleshing the data out with their own insights and delivered it to the Utah Department of Health and the Governor’s office within hours of the request.

With the data at his fingertips, the Governor-Elect tweeted screenshots of the data visualizations to showcase the state’s efforts to get information into the hands of Utahns. Because of Lumenad, Penna Powers was able to provide transparent, data-supported information to showcase the efforts of the state of Utah and their client to keep the public educated as quickly as possible.