The Goal.

An international retail brand came to Lumenad looking for digital expertise to help them drive in-store visits for 16 retail locations nationwide. The brand was looking for a partner to help them manage and facilitate synchronized campaigns across their markets, streamline campaign reporting and measure in-store visits by way of footfall attribution. They also had clear financial targets of achieving a cost-per-store visit of $30 or less.


The Solution.

Lumenad leveraged its relationship with a footfall attribution partner to measure in-person store visits. They structured the nationwide campaign data using the Lumenad Advertising Intelligence platform, which allowed the team to organize and optimize the cross-channel data and then seamlessly report on it.

During the fall campaign, the retailer’s CMO wanted to understand the incremental store visit rate resulting from the digital campaign. Lumenad crafted and deployed a four-month lift study that ran concurrent to the digital campaign. The lift study showed that the treated group, who received the retail store ads, drove a higher in-store visit rate as opposed to the control group who received a Smokey Bear PSA ad. The study proved that the retail ads delivered a 143.87% overall lift in store visits.


The Result.

In total, the Lumenad footfall attribution campaign drove 11,600 in-store visits, exceeding the stretch goal by 47% with a $8.60 cost-per-store visit. Footfall attribution across all markets rapidly uncovered new opportunities for the brand, particularly they seized the opportunity to serve dynamic creative that was personalized to each viewer’s location.