How to Solve the Metric Standardization Problem in
Digital Advertising

Are ad platforms playing digital marketing AdLibs with your campaign data?


If I see one more pivot table, I will [ verb ].


Remember this classic word game for kids? A one-page story template with blanks in every sentence awaits your silly write-ins. The end-product is mostly nonsensical and utterly hilarious.

Sometimes digital ad metrics feel the same way (minus the hilarious part). Ad platforms fill in the blanks with their own names for metrics, completely changing the meaning of your advertising data. It’s a big problem in the advertising industry, and this e-book is here to help you solve it. We’ll even give you a few digital marketing “AdLibs” along the way for fun.

You'll learn:

  • Why media fragmentation isn’t just a challenge for advertisers.
  • Why ad campaign data transformation is not the same as data blending and structural manipulation. It’s better.
  • How non-standard metrics keep your organization from scaling your advertising efforts.
  • The key capabilities to look for when choosing a solution to transform your ad data.

Are you ready to examine the data standardization problem and play some AdLibs along the way? Fill in the blanks below to get your download.