E-Book: 5 Days of Affirmations for Digital Advertising Professionals


The job of digital advertising professionals today is tough. It’s time-consuming, error-prone, and stressful. You’re expected to be part data scientist, part detective, part campaign strategist, and part client relationship manager.

That’s a lot. Especially when:

  • 88% of spreadsheets contain at least one mistake. (University of Hawaii)
  • 3-second distractions lead to 2X as many errors for workers. (Michigan State University)
  • Digital marketers spend more time preparing data for analysis than doing the actual analysis. (Gartner)

That’s why we created this e-book. It’s a data-rich, digital hug with a little bit of sass. And tacos. Plus, we’re giving it away completely free (no email required to read). Ready to brighten your outlook?