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Eliminate the headache of managing multiple, siloed advertising platforms.

Data Standardization Worksheet

This worksheet begins with the standardization of your performance data. We’ll walk you through how to combine these mismatched data sets in a step-by-step process so that every metric is speaking the same, common language. With all of your data standardized, it’s easier to locate the strengths of each platform and hone in on ways to optimize campaign performance.

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"Normally, when my boss asks me how much we’ve spent in ads this month, I start to sweat a little bit. This morning I was able to on-the-fly pull up my dashboard and quickly give him the number he needed. It was super awesome."

Rob Kirkpatrick, Marketing Director, BombBomb

"I think you’d be hard pressed to find a single strategy or goal where you don’t need a multi-touch experience. We want to be in all the places that our customer could be. Lumenad helps us organize and standardize that data so we can evaluate it."

Julia Filo, Associate Director, Digital Marketing Mission Media

"Holy S@%* this is awesome!” (upon logging into Lumenad for the first time.)"

Steven London, co-founder, FlashHouse

"The Lumenad software is allowing us to scale our business. We are on a growth trajectory, and we are confident to onboard new business because of Lumenad."

Alissa Menke, Owner & Chief Digital Strategist, Cohort Digital

"By using Lumenad, our team spent 50-70% less time on reporting, we were able to use that time to further enrich the campaigns and drive performance for our clients."

Ryan Rodgers, President, Embee Media

"That very first interaction sold me. With my data organized in an intelligent way, I could see very clearly what action I needed to take, and it didn’t take me drilling deep into reports to find it."

Ceci Dadisman, Director of Marketing, FlashHouse

"Lumenad allows me to be platform agnostic. By moving between DSPs I can drive the best performance possible for my clients, and the data flows seamlessly into Lumenad without interruption."

Michael Jung, VP of Product Management and Technology, Precision Reach

"Thanks to Lumenad, it's made collaboration with my team faster and more effective, and it's reduced the number of hours I need to spend on different platforms to get the data I need."

Zak Kozuchowski, Founder, Rooted Solutions

Digital Advertising Intelligence

One of the most important categories of marketing intelligence is digital Advertising Intelligence. This is information about how your digital ad campaigns are performing. It goes far beyond simple statistics like ad spend and conversion ratio.

When digital advertising first started, advertising platforms only offered limited information of this sort. At a basic PPC engine, the ad intelligence meaning may have been defined so that it only included how many clicks you were charged for. As technology improved, the depth of information available became much more robust. Platforms like Facebook can even tell you which interests of the people who see and click your ads. This allows you to create campaigns with a level of fine-tuning that was once unimaginable.

One problem still remains, and that is that the disparate sources of digital Advertising Intelligence all like to use different names for the same things, present data in different formats, and otherwise try to be as proprietary as possible. This poses problems for many of the tools meant to make sense of the information. Because of this, you need to be sure to select one that can properly standardize information from many sources. Lumenad does exactly that.

Lumenad doesn’t stop with standardization. It also presents the information in ways that are easy to understand and use. You never have to guess about the performance of your campaigns or the details about them. This lets you take action right away whenever you see something that needs improvement. It won’t be long before you see better results from your campaigns.

Ad Intelligence

Here at Lumenad, we break ad intelligence down into four pillars. This makes it easy to understand the problems faced by those who analyze advertising data and how we tackle them.

  1. Connect. This refers to the process of obtaining the raw data you need. Most marketers who use manual methods spends hours each week just collecting and managing information about their campaigns. Lumenad automates the data extraction process, and then aggregates the information into a single, standardized source.
  2. Transform. The raw data from each advertising platform is “in its own language.” Each platform has its own terms for everything, presents data according to different metrics, and uses different formats for that presentation. Deciphering it is both error-prone and time-consuming. Lumenad standardizes all of your advertising data so that you can clearly understand your ads’ performance – no matter where the information came from.
  3. Organize. With Lumenad, YOU choose how you get your data. You choose how it is organized, so the information makes sense to you and you can compare it against your strategies and objectives. You’ll get the context you need, regardless of the advertising platform that provides the raw information.
  4. Apply. Get your paid advertising campaigns going full speed without spending hours on data analysis. Lumenad frees you from spending hours on managing your data and lets you get right into analyzing and optimizing your campaigns. Sharing your success is just as easy with Lumenad’s capabilities.

The right ad intelligence tool eliminates the time-consuming, error-prone burden of manual campaign data analysis. It goes on to make it easy to see everything that’s going on, so you can perfect your ad campaigns to the highest extent possible. With Lumenad, you will no longer dread going over your campaign stats. Instead, you’ll look forward to being able to take immediate action.

One of Lumenad’s most important features is its ability to standardize data from disparate sources. In its raw form, this information uses varying terminology, formatting, and forms of presentation. This is why it takes so long to deal with it manually. Trying to keep track of all of the differences, and how the data sets correspond to each other, can easily be overwhelming. Because of this, manual processing is not only time-consuming, but error-prone. Lumenad eliminates these difficulties.

You’ll also love the way Lumenad presents information to you. Since the data is all standardized by the platform, it all shows up in forms that are easy to see and understand. You won’t overlook information due to it being hidden behind an ad platform’s proprietary name, and this will ensure that you are making the most of all of the information you have at your disposal.

The best way to see Lumenad’s power is to try it. Set up a demonstration today, and within an hour, you won’t want to go back to doing things the old way.

Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library is a perfect example of a data source that Lumenad can automatically pull in. When you use Lumenad, you won’t have to navigate through several screens to collect all of the information you need. Instead, the digital Advertising Intelligence platform will do it for you automatically. It will even pick up data from Facebook’s retargeting ad tool. Of course, Lumenad works with several other advertising platforms, as well. This lets you see all of your data together, making it easy to see which ad platforms and products are working best for you.

Since Facebook advertising can be broken down in many ways, such as interest, demographics, location, and more, you’ll love the ability to see all of the data at once. You’ll be even happier with the ability to easily compare your Facebook ad library results with those of the other platforms you’re advertising on. It’ll be simple to determine which ads should stay, which should go, and which might do better with some tweaking.

Every modern advertising platform offers several ways to look at your campaign data. The problem is that they all use different terminologies and formats to present the information. They also all need to be logged into separately – if you’re doing your analytics manually. Lumenad takes all of the manual work out of the process, and this alone is a time-saver. However, the larger benefit is that it standardizes the data and presents it as a single stream. This makes analysis and comparison easy.

With your time no longer being devoured by the task of manually grabbing and correlating your ad campaign data, you’ll be able to spend far more of your energy on the essential tasks of making strategic and tactical decisions. Your results will quickly improve since you can allocate your time and energy in better, more efficient, ways.

Digital Ad Database

Lumenad is far more than a digital ad database. After it automatically retrieves your ad data from the digital platforms you work with, it puts the information into context for your organization. This lets you understand how to make improvements and optimize your ad spend.

One of the biggest problems with dealing with mountains of raw data is that it, alone, has no context. Lumenad’s interface answers the “so what” question that arises when looking at basic stats. You’ll be able to see which campaigns are performing well and may be worth replicating on multiple ad platforms. You will also be able to see which platforms aren’t performing for you, so you can decide whether or not to keep investing in ads there.<

Finally, you’ll see opportunities to improve your campaigns. Often, tweaking subperforming campaigns will bring more improvement than attempting to create a blockbuster right out of the gate, so this is definitely a worthwhile activity.

Optimization efforts often start by focusing on improving ad spend, but this isn’t where they should stop. Rewording your advertisements, changing accompanying images, and other steps can greatly increase the engagement rate and conversion ratio of your campaigns. Once you use Lumenad and free yourself from time-consuming manual analytics, you’ll have plenty of time to make these types of adjustments.

Competitor Ads

Like you, those who handle competitor ads rely on their ability to analyze their campaign data in order to successfully advertise. However, most of them are using old-fashioned methods, such as manual analysis or very limited tools, to try to figure out what’s going on. When you use Lumenad, you give yourself an insurmountable advantage. You will have a level of clarity that someone using manual methods or obsolete analysis systems can only dream of.

With this level of information, your campaigns will outshine those of your competitors with ease. Lumenad can even show you information about those competing campaigns, allowing you to outmaneuver them without problems. Competitors will be left in the dust as your highly-efficient campaigns kick in at all the right times and send all the right messages. The efficiency of your campaigns, combined with the inefficiency of your competition’s methods, will have you outperforming them in the marketplace in short order. They won’t even know what happened when your company soars above them.

Empower yourself with the most powerful Advertising Intelligence platform available today. Set up a demonstration with Lumenad. Then, sign up to make this Advertising Intelligence solution your key to success.