Embee Media Uses Advertising Dashboard to Scale Reporting.

Lumenad's Advertising Intelligence platform creates an easy and effective way to glean and share campaign insights.

Embee Media is a full-service digital agency focused on paid media, email marketing, web design, SEO, social media management and creative content. In the last quarter of 2020 the agency won their largest political campaign to date and leveraged Lumenad to scale reporting efforts with efficiency.

The Challenge.

Prior to adopting Lumenad, the agency lived with a time-consuming reporting process that used spreadsheets to organize raw data and then turn excel graphs into a clean and easily understood report. They required an easy-to-use advertising dashboard to scale paid ad reporting across channels, and begin looking into Advertising Intelligence to meet their needs.

The Solution.

By using Lumenad, the team saved mountains of time. With the campaign data already clean and organized, reporting suddenly became an enjoyable craft where their small team could devote their energy to unfolding the narrative of the campaign.

After a number of months using Lumenad, they knew they were equipped to build a dashboard report and send it off to a client at a moment’s notice. Leveraging that differentiator, they successfully won a large book of political-based accounts during the election cycle of 2020.


The Result.

Now, the Embee team brings data to life with beautiful visualizations and they are able to report back in a more complex fashion, helping connect the dots for their clients with text and images.

Moreover, the team leveraged the scalability of Lumenad’s Visualization feature, building out dashboard templates and repurposing them across its advertisers, making reporting predictable, responsive and high-quality.