Advice for Advertising Data Professionals from Lumenad Customers

Calling all campaign data blenders, noodlers, and drillers

If you’re struggling with a tangled mess of advertising data spread out across a variety of platforms, chances are you’re working too hard at the wrong things. And you’re not alone. Without the right tool, managing digital advertising campaigns is confusing and complex for any digital marketer. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Read on to hear from a few accomplished marketers who are using Advertising Intelligence to revolutionize their paid advertising campaigns.  

Don’t Be a Data Noodler

“Lumenad allows me to be platform agnostic. By moving between DSPs I can drive the best performance possible for my clients, and the data flows seamlessly into Lumenad without interruption.” 

Michael Jung, VP of Product Management and Technology, Precision Reach

Spending all of a client’s ad budget on one or two platforms doesn’t optimize their reach and results. But hopping from demand side platform (DSP) to DSP to manage campaigns is a pain in the you-know-what. It’s confusing and time intensive. And, as Michael Jung, VP of Product Management and Technology at Precision Reach, points out above, it’s also a performance problem… and not just for ad campaigns. As a strategic digital marketer, you want to spend less time being a data jockey and more time confidently analyzing results. 

Advertising Intelligence connects all of your data sources. Think of it like this… the information from all of your various ad buying platforms is like multiple rivers of data. You could jump into each one separately and attempt to fish out the performance metrics you need (with your bare hands, catfish noodler-style), while also risking being swept away in a torrent of murky, confusing jargon. 

OR you could do what Michael does: let the data flow seamlessly to you via the sparkly clean and calm waters of Advertising Intelligence. 

Don’t Blend, Transform

“In the age we are in, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a single strategy or goal where you don’t need a multi-touch experience to grab someone. We want to be in all the places that our customer could be. Lumenad helps us organize and standardize that data so we can evaluate it.”  

Julia Filo, Senior Marketing Strategist, Mission Media

If you had a dime for every time you complained about how hard it is to get all your data into one, easy-to-consume format, you’d have at least $20 by now. And that could get you a few smoothies from that fancy juice place on the corner. 

While blending is great for making fruity drinks and even a pureed soup now and then, you can do better with your digital advertising performance data. Julia Filo, a Senior Marketing Strategist with Mission Media, knows the pain of trying to be everywhere for customers and ending up with data that can’t be evaluated with an apples-to-apples comparison. The answer? Stop trying to blend your data and instead opt for transformation. 

As Julia says, standardizing and organizing data is the only way to really evaluate it. Advertising Intelligence from Lumenad translates all of your data into the same language and delivers insights that can revolutionize the way you buy and optimize media campaigns. 

The moral? Your data shouldn’t be blended into a homogenized, unappetizing slurry with no real insights to offer for stakeholders. It should be transformed into a common language that produces real, actionable performance metrics making it easy to optimize your digital advertising strategy.

Put Down that 7-Inch Drill Bit

“That very first interaction sold me. With my data organized in an intelligent way, I could see very clearly what action I needed to take, and it didn’t take me drilling deep into reports to find it.”  

Ceci Dadisman, Director of Marketing, FlashHouse

When it comes to finding insights in a veritable wall of advertising data, the last thing Ceci Dadisman, Director of Marketing at FlashHouse, wants to do is search through a giant red toolbox for the right size drill bit. 

Advertising Intelligence offers intuitive, impactful organization features that help you understand ad data and connect it back to the unique goals of the business you’re supporting. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Countless ways to segment and label data so you can evaluate performance and make informed decisions.
  • Painless pixel event tracking allows you to group post-click user activity from all of your platforms.
  • No-code organization that uses friendly names, drag and drop functionality, batch processing, color coding, and label customization within one intuitive interface. 

Data organized intelligently is a beautiful thing. And Advertising Intelligence is the only tool you need to make it happen.

Spend 50-70% Less Time on Reporting with 100% Less Sweat

“By using Lumenad, our team spent 50-70% less time on reporting, we were able to use that time to further enrich the campaigns and drive performance for our clients.”

Ryan Rodgers, President, Embee Media

So you’ve got connected, transformed, organized ad data. What now? 

You’re ready to optimize some campaigns and get your results in front of the people who count. And guess what? According to Ryan Rodgers, President of Embee Media, Advertising Intelligence reduces reporting time by 50-70 percent. That means you actually have time to be more strategic and drive better results for clients. 

“Lumenad is already changing the way I work. Normally, when my boss asks me how much we’ve spent in ads this month, I start to sweat a little bit. This morning I was able to on-the-fly pull up my dashboard and quickly give him the number he needed. It was super awesome.”

Rob Kirkpatrick, Marketing Director, BombBomb

When it comes to internal reporting, Rob Kirkpatrick, Marketing Director at BombBomb, notes that he can pull up his Lumenad dashboard at a moment’s notice and grab ad spend numbers for company leadership. What marketer hasn’t been in a position where they needed to provide a fast turnaround on metrics that were not readily available? 

That’s what that super-sized stick of deodorant in your desk drawer is for, right?

Advertising Intelligence is all about ensuring your secret deodorant stash gets all dried out and cracky, because you haven’t used it in so long. Like all of the amazing professionals above, you can be confident, relaxed, much less sweaty, and, ultimately, better at your job.

So listen up:

If you, like 99.9 percent of amazing marketers, have dabbled in data noodling, blending, or drilling, do not waste another minute trying to navigate siloed advertising platforms and confusing performance data. Do this instead: put on your water wings, grab a healthy smoothie,  and tell your boss you’ve found the answer to creating more strategic campaigns, optimizing ad spend, and making stakeholders happy. 

It’s time to write your digital advertising success story, and Advertising Intelligence is here to help.