Advertising Intelligence Defined

With insights from Margaret Thatcher, Bruce Lee, and French silk pie

Be honest: How many tabs do you have open on your laptop right now? How about on your monitor, and (oh dear god) your second monitor? 

If you’re like most digital marketers, you likely spend anywhere between 25 to 30 percent of your time each week manually managing data. And that means you’re constantly switching between screens, tabs, campaigns, and platforms to find the information you need.

And then there’s the process of determining if the information provided by the advertising channel is up to date and accurate and compiling all of that data into a report that makes sense. Maybe even one that offers some insights into what’s going well and what could be improved to drive meaningful results. 

That would be nice, right? 

Scratch that. THAT would be revolutionary. 

But how do you get to this transformational level of digital advertising transparency? The answer, grasshopper, is what we call Advertising Intelligence

advertising intelligence defined

The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

— GE Chairman and CEO Jack Welch

The words of famed business man Jack Welch can apply to any department that contributes to the success of an organization — but possibly none more-so than digital advertising. 

Let’s face it, we’re usually pretty good at defining the goals of our advertising campaigns and putting the ads into market across channels. We struggle when it comes time to understand and learn from the data we get back and decide how to take action. 

And not by any fault of our own. 

Advertising platforms are designed to be used and understood within the silos they create, using the language and metrics they’ve defined, so they can dominate your advertising budget. Wanna put together a cross-platform campaign? Sure, go ’head. But don’t expect to be able to look at the big picture when you’re done. 

That’s where Advertising Intelligence comes in. 

Here’s how Lumenad defines it:

Advertising Intelligence: Technology that allows organizations to execute successful paid advertising campaigns by automatically combining data from multiple channels into a single source of truth, standardizing ad platform metrics into a common, decipherable language, organizing ad data so that it aligns to business goals, and putting data and campaign insights to good use. 


In simpler terms, Advertising Intelligence centralizes advertising data, translates it into a common language and organizes it so you can improve performance and optimize your ad spend. 

Putting Advertising Intelligence into play is the ultimate competitive advantage in the world of digital marketing. It empowers your agency or business to get the most out of ad data. It empowers you to do less headache-inducing manual multitasking (multitasking lowers productivity by as much as 40 percent, according to some researchers), so you can spend more time improving campaigns and delivering actionable insights.  

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Laser-Like Focus

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” 

— Bruce Lee

You’ve looked at so many pie charts, you just gave up and got yourself a French silk pie to devour while crying into its whipped creamy peaks. You’ve looked at so many bar graphs you just gave up and went to a…well, you get the idea. 

Bottom line: You need your focus back, and you’d like to be more of a Bruce Lee-like warrior than a depressed advertising professional with a whip cream mustache and a tear-stained blouse. We’re here to tell you it’s all going to be okay.  

Advertising Intelligence breaks down the silos and makes sense of chaos in four straight-forward steps:

  1. Connect
    Advertising Intelligence technology automatically extracts campaign data from your ad platforms. With everything aggregated and stored in one location, you no longer have to gather data manually or question its accuracy or relevance. You’ve got a single source of truth that’s better than chocolate mousse.
  2. Transform
    Ad platforms use different metrics to measure performance and different languages to describe them. Mastering their specific verbiage can feel like you’ve gone back to college and are starting over in a foreign language course of study. With an Advertising Intelligence platform, all data is transformed into a standardized framework.
  3. Organize
    Laser-like focus requires awesome organization — organization that isn’t based on someone else’s idea of what your business should be reporting on. A key ingredient in true Advertising Intelligence is the ability to slice and dice performance data to evaluate if campaigns are contributing positively to your business’s unique strategies and objectives.
  4. Apply
    Manually managing data takes too much of a marketer’s valuable time. Lumenad’s Advertising Intelligence platform revolutionizes data gathering and analysis across ad channels. It allows smart marketing professionals to do what they’re best at: analyzing, optimizing, and sharing campaign success.

Let the Crowd Follow You

“Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.”

—Margaret Thatcher

There’s a veritable crowd of advertising platforms vying for your full attention and advertising dollars. If you’re tired of chasing down their disparate performance metrics, it’s time to take back control of your advertising data and truly make it work for your organization. Advertising Intelligence from Lumenad brings it all together in one highly organized, unified platform that lets you customize the way you report on performance and act on insights. 

Now go have a piece of French silk pie. And smile. You can now define Advertising Intelligence.