Ad Intelligence Platform

An Ad Intelligence platform brings all of your paid ad campaigns together so you can organize data, learn from key findings and optimize performance.

Data Standardization Worksheet

This worksheet begins with the standardization of your performance data. We’ll walk you through how to combine these mismatched data sets in a step-by-step process so that every metric is speaking the same, common language. With all of your data standardized, it’s easier to locate the strengths of each platform and hone in on ways to optimize campaign performance.

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"By using Lumenad, our team spent 50-70% less time on reporting, we were able to use that time to further enrich the campaigns and drive performance for our clients."

Ryan Rodgers, President, Embee Media

"Holy S@%* this is awesome!” (upon logging into Lumenad for the first time.)"

Steven London, co-founder, FlashHouse

"The Lumenad software is allowing us to scale our business. We are on a growth trajectory, and we are confident to onboard new business because of Lumenad."

Alissa Menke, Owner & Chief Digital Strategist, Cohort Digital

"Normally, when my boss asks me how much we’ve spent in ads this month, I start to sweat a little bit. This morning I was able to on-the-fly pull up my dashboard and quickly give him the number he needed. It was super awesome."

Rob Kirkpatrick, Marketing Director, BombBomb

"That very first interaction sold me. With my data organized in an intelligent way, I could see very clearly what action I needed to take, and it didn’t take me drilling deep into reports to find it."

Ceci Dadisman, Director of Marketing, FlashHouse

"Lumenad allows me to be platform agnostic. By moving between DSPs I can drive the best performance possible for my clients, and the data flows seamlessly into Lumenad without interruption."

Michael Jung, VP of Product Management and Technology, Precision Reach

"I think you’d be hard pressed to find a single strategy or goal where you don’t need a multi-touch experience. We want to be in all the places that our customer could be. Lumenad helps us organize and standardize that data so we can evaluate it."

Julia Filo, Associate Director, Digital Marketing Mission Media

"Thanks to Lumenad, it's made collaboration with my team faster and more effective, and it's reduced the number of hours I need to spend on different platforms to get the data I need."

Zak Kozuchowski, Founder, Rooted Solutions

Ad Intelligence Platform

One of the essential tools for marketers is the Ad Intelligence platform. This is a system that automatically collects information from your digital advertising accounts and presents it in a way that’s easy to understand and act on.

This is quite different from the usual performance dashboard that you see when you log into an individual ad platform account. Performance dashboards only show the information from a single advertising space, such as Facebook, and only the data in the way it is presented by the company behind it.

When you run several ad campaigns across multiple digital platforms, checking into them all one-by-one is very time consuming. One of the main purposes of an ad intelligence platform is to eliminate the need to do this. The other purpose is to aggregate the information so that you don’t have to do so manually. Lumenad takes it a step further, and standardizes the information so that it can be used right away.

Once the information is obtained and standardized, Lumenad presents it in ways that you can immediately use. This lets you easily see where your campaigns need improvement, so you can tweak them accordingly and improve their results. You can also see which campaigns are working well, and adjust your ad spend to favor the best-performing digital marketing platforms.

Having all of this information automatically pulled and aggregated for you will save you hours every week. Not only that, you’ll gain insights that aren’t possible when you have to dig through raw data. You’ll be able to move on to the action phase of your campaign management far more quickly than your competitors, and this gives you an insurmountable advantage in the advertising space.

Advertising Intelligence

At its most basic, Advertising Intelligence is the aggregate of the information about all of your advertising campaigns across multiple digital advertising platforms. It includes social media, PPC advertising, and any other format where campaigns are set up in a digital fashion.

Making use of this information, however, requires more than simply having access to it. Marketers who use manual methods to try to keep track of their campaign statistics can spend over 25% of their time just logging into all of their ad accounts and compiling the information. Even worse, different ad platforms present data under different terms and varying formats. This makes manual tracking an error-prone process and causes some of the data to be overlooked.

Lumenad’s Advertising Intelligence eliminates the problems associated with manual tracking. It pulls the data from all of your accounts automatically, saving you from doing all of those logins and having to switch between seemingly endless tabs. Then, it standardizes all of the information for easy comparison. You no longer have to deal with memorizing all of the different terms ad platforms use for the same types of information. Finally, it aggregates the data, so you see it as if it is a single stream.

All of these powerful features make keeping track of your ad campaigns quick and easy, but more importantly, they give you insight into your campaigns that just isn’t possible with manual methods. Lumenad also lets you create reports according to your specifications. Instead of spending hours taking notes from each separate account screen, you simply tell Lumenad what you want to see, and it shows you. Since the format and terminology for your data is standardized, you don’t have to figure out which numbers are from where and what they refer to. You immediately know what everything means.

Advertising Intelligence from Lumenad goes further than just presenting your data to you in an easily-intelligible format. It arranges the information according to your business goals. This makes it easy for you to optimize ad spend and make tweaks to improve the performance of your campaigns. You’ll easily be able to spot which of your campaigns are working well, which need to be tweaked, and which ones should be retired and replaced.

Since you won’t be spending hours just collecting the information you need, you’ll put more time into powerful action. You’ll get results faster and more efficiently, thereby ensuring that you get the best results from your ad budget.

Ad Intelligence Tool

Here at Lumenad, we believe there are four aspects, or Pillars, of using our Ad Intelligence tool. These are Connect, Transform, Organize, and Apply.

  1. Connect: Lumenad automatically connects to your advertising platform accounts to pull in raw data. This alone saves you hours of work each week. You are freed from having to log into several separate accounts and manually download one or more reports from each one.
  2. Transform: Every ad platform uses its own formatting and terminology. Because of this, raw data from each source is hard to compare against that from other sources. Lumenad eliminates this problem by transforming it all into a single, standardized format. This makes it easy for you to see and understand the information regardless of its original source.
  3. Organize: Once Lumenad transforms your data into a single format, it’s easy to organize it. Lumenad will present the information to you in the ways you define, so it will align with your business goals. This gives you the context you need to compare your current and historical data against your strategies and objectives.
  4. Apply: Now that you can see everything clearly, it’s time to optimize your campaigns. Lumenad’s data presentation makes it easy to decide which campaigns need to be adjusted, which ones to leave alone, and which should be terminated in favor of better options. Thanks to Lumenad, you won’t have to spend your time doing the first three of these four stages – the platform will take care of those for you.

The automation of three out of four stages of ad campaign management gives you hours more time every week to spend on the one part that actually requires your attention: applying the information to your ad campaigns. Imagine how far ahead this puts you! Your competition will still be navigating through a fog of ad platform account tabs, trying to figure out what’s going on with their campaigns, while you are already optimizing your own campaigns to gain an insurmountable lead.

With this kind of an advantage, you’re sure to win over any competition that is still using manual methods or rudimentary software for its ad campaigns. This translates into more market share for your company with less expense involved in obtaining it. Your competition will wonder how you’re doing it as you bypass them with no trouble.

Ad Intelligence Meaning

A basic dictionary definition cannot convey the true meaning of Advertising Intelligence to those who use it. To a business, the Ad Intelligence meaning includes underlying factors like how it is essential for making the most of advertising efforts, improving the use of ad budgets, and how one company’s ability to use its data affects how well it competes against others.

Every company has data on its own advertising campaigns, and may even know a bit about what its competition is doing. This information can be considered “intelligence,” but that alone doesn’t mean that it is actually being used intelligently. Instead, many companies only gain a fraction of the power of their information. They are stuck with obsolete, manual methods that burn up hours of time and don’t give good insight in return.

Lumenad offers true Ad Intelligence by pulling in advertising data from all of your ad accounts, aggregating it, and most importantly, standardizing it. It then presents the information in ways that are truly intelligent. The presentation aligns with your business goals, so you can easily see where you need to make changes – and what is already working well as it is. This gives you the insight you need to unleash the true power of your advertising campaigns.

When ad campaign information is treated this way, it is no longer merely data. It is truly Advertising Intelligence, and gives you a competitive advantage like nothing else. You and your marketing team will instantly be more efficient because you will no longer be spending hours every week just logging into ad management accounts, downloading siloed reports, and trying to make sense of it all. Instead, Lumenad will automatically do all of the downloading, standardize everything, and aggregate it. Then, the Advertising Intelligence platform will present it to you in ways that are relevant to your business objectives and strategies.

Thanks to Lumenad taking care of the most time-consuming aspects of turning raw data into intelligence, you get several more hours per week to spend on the important part of marketing: making use of the information. This alone gives you a leg up over your competition. Your lead is secured by the fact that you also gain the full use of all of your information. Lumenad presents it in easily-digestible, and easily-actionable, ways that let you move forward with confidence. With this advantage, your campaigns will reach success like never before.

Set up a demonstration and see Lumenad’s power for yourself. Then, become a Lumenad user and take your ad campaigns to new heights.