E-Book: 5 Expert Tips for Fearlessly Creating Winning Paid Ad Strategies

Are you struggling with ad campaign obstacles like walled data gardens, budget challenges, and manual reporting? The digital advertising landscape is complex and constantly changing, making it difficult for even the most seasoned digital marketers to create, evaluate, and optimize cross-channel ad campaign strategies.

Based on a recent webinar with one of Lumenad’s own digital marketing experts, this e-book elaborates on five must-know tips for designing intelligent paid advertising campaigns that balance tried and true tactics with forward-thinking strategy to ultimately generate results.

Download the e-book to learn:

  • What it means to think full funnel in terms of paid advertising, including digital advertising KPI recommendations.
  • Why digital advertisers shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket.
  • Why your audience and the competition are key considerations when it comes to channel and budget strategy.
  • How to evaluate and understand your clients’ needs (and the ones they don’t yet know they have) when it comes to reporting.
  • Why digital advertising professionals shouldn’t be scared to try new things.

Dive into paid ad strategy tips from a digital marketing expert.


Packed with practical tips, recommendations, and resources for digital marketers, this e-book will help you get your paid ad campaign strategy on track.