Illuminate your path with smarter data.

Why Lumenad Advertising Intelligence Software?

If you struggle with the day-to-day challenge of pulling together, understanding and acting on disparate sources of advertising data, we’ve built this for you. We know DIY data is messy and frankly, not very fun. So we’ve built software that snaps disparate data sources together into one clean, standardized view.

Most of our customers start seeing value in our platform in an hour or less, so you’ll spend less time navigating data and more time being creative and strategic.

How does it work?

Connect Ad Data.

Connect & warehouse all of your ad data quickly and reliably, for as long as you need to access it.

Standardize Ad Data.

Make your campaign data usable by getting it to speak the same apples-to-apples language.

Add Key Context.

Gain clarity from your ad data when the right context is applied.

Visualize Key Learnings.

Take action on insights to run smarter and better campaigns.

See what the product looks like:


Connect Once, Trust Forever.

API connections are a moving target. With a fully automated and tested API service, your staff can spend more working with the data itself. Take the dreaded “server error” off your plate. We’ve got this.


A data model out of the box, built by industry experts.

Explore cross-channel data on day one. Lumenad delivers 70+ blended metrics that you can trust because they were built on industry best practices. Still need your own? That’s easy, too.


Your own data set, stored and safe.

We store data in our own secure database, so when you need to query data (or export it), it’s lightning fast and the U|X is solid. Say goodbye to “invalid requests.”


Speed up time-to-insight.

Lumenad gives your data a common language so that you can not only see what happened but also gain perspective to interpret it. With a true cross-channel view (so long, provider silos!) you gain clear insights, which enable you to take the proper next set of actions.


Take action with confidence.

Measure whether you are delivering highly relevant content at the ideal time via the right channel. Understand what’s working or not – and where to optimize, add or eliminate.


Eliminate all the pain from reporting.

You’ll enjoy how simple it is to deliver reports that create stakeholder happiness and confidence. Reap the benefit of clean data – organized, monitored and optimized – to generate pain-free reporting.