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With accurate and relevant reporting, it’s easy to showcase your value. Proving return on investment fortifies the relationship between you and your stakeholders, opening doors to bigger budgets.


Reporting on the success of a particular advertising campaign should be a small fraction of a team’s overall workload, yet in the fragmented world of digital media, teams can devote hours to manual tasks before they can even begin compiling a report. 

Unshackle your team from the piles of spreadsheets. As we explained previously, a seamless report  begins with a thoughtful plan, a cross-channel approach, and monitoring tools that allow you to be agile once the campaign is underway. Reporting is the cherry on the top – it’s a vehicle to showcase how well you’ve delivered on your key performance indicators and ultimately return on ad spend. 

The LumenAd Present feature set gives users robust, time-saving reporting tools. Because all of the data integrated into LumenAd is already normalized, aggregated and organized, building and sharing reports is not the labor-intensive chore it once was. 


Showcase your value.

If a stakeholder needs answers on the impact of a campaign, jump into the on-demand reporting tools to confidently identify and deliver the needed response. 

The Build feature allows you to quickly pull rich data visualizations, share insights and unfold the narrative of ad performance with text boxes and image fields. Each Custom Dashboard can be unique, it’s up to you to customize it to suit your stakeholders needs. 

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Having access to aggregated, real-time data allows you to report back to your stakeholders at any point in the campaign. Customizable roles and permissions settings allow you to be fully transparent by giving direct access to the data and, empowering them to access information independently. 

The Assign feature allows you to share your own insights and expertise by opening permissions to  Custom Dashboards so subscribers can see user-friendly reporting throughout the flight.

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With accurate and relevant reporting it’s easy to showcase your value. Proving return on investment fortifies the relationship between you and your stakeholders, opening doors to bigger budgets. 


Scale without adding FTEs.

Users can build and collaborate on custom dashboards and then share the finished product within the platform or export it from LumenAd into a clean, custom-branded PDF report. With data wrangling a thing of the past, you now can devote your energy to high-value tasks such as crafting the story you want to tell to your stakeholders and designing the look and feel of the report. 

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With reporting taking a fraction of a team’s overall time, you can dramatically increase the volume of media you manage. 

Let’s be clear, it’s not just our reporting dashboard tool that delivers this incredible capacity expansion, it’s the full paradigm shift that teams adopt before it’s time to report. 

If you are dedicated to managing media centered around a campaign architecture, are invested in upfront planning and are monitoring and optimizing often, you are well on your way to seamless “1%” reporting — where reporting back on media efficacy is 1% of your job and truly only takes 1% of your time. 

In short: you have the same sized team with increased capacity for more work. Bringing on new business will no longer feel daunting. You’re team will say “yes!” to new opportunities and still be able to leave by 5 p.m. 

We’d love to show you some of our reporting capabilities that help make scaling your business achievable. Schedule a demo today.

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