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Index by LumendAd

Powerful platform for managing complex cross-channel advertising

LumenAd’s proprietary technology platform, INDEX, arms advertisers with powerful cross-channel advertising integration capabilities.

Our fully-managed software incorporates the three main components of the advertising technology stack -- setup, optimization, and reporting -- into a seamless and simple solution.



INDEX connects hundreds of platforms and automates campaign setup. No longer are demographic segmentation, creative setup, budget allocation, flight management, advanced targeting, and calculated ad delivery separate entities. Now, running campaigns across multiple channels is a straightforward and simple process.


Single channel ad campaigns have plenty of variables to optimize against. That number increases exponentially when more and more channels are added. INDEX analyzes campaign performance at the impression level. These analytics provide insights on optimal adjustments to formulate ideal media, ad copy, and other advertising variables.


Your campaigns generate a lot of data. LumenAd crunches those numbers and shows you what it means for your business. With custom-built reports, teams can use performance metrics to inform strategic decisions, optimize spending, and determine cross-channel ROI.


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