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The vast digital media landscape presents enormous opportunity for advertisers: customers have never been more connected and more addressable.  

However, if you ask anyone working in the industry they will tell you that digital advertising is not straightforward. Its quick growth has led to complexity and fragmentation that’s difficult to navigate. 

Media teams have mountains of data at their fingertips. But the data is uniquely formatted and presented in countless ways. When it’s time to deliver actionable insights or make informed decisions, teams scramble to gain a panoramic view. 

Instead of dragging teams down, data should boost teams up – helping them to be agile in what’s meant to be a highly adaptable space. 

That’s why the LumenAd software puts monitoring functionality front and center. Agility comes when teams have access to aggregated and normalized real-time data insights, and LumenAd’s Monitor feature set delivers just that. 


Visualize opportunities and inefficiencies.

The Monitor feature set illuminates campaign performance, helping you intuitively visualize opportunities and inefficiencies.

This is where you will spend most of your time throughout the flight.

You can monitor performance in preset dashboards with lots of intuitive visuals that are designed for efficiency, or you can manipulate raw data to call out, group and dissect data in countless ways.

Monitor Feature Set Screenshot of LumenAd Platform

LumenAd is designed so that users can monitor performance at every level of the campaign architecture.

Using intuitive navigation, you can quickly gauge high-level performance: “Am I meeting my KPIs?” or you can drill deep into the details to identify places to make granular optimizations: “Which Ad Group is performing the best, and how can I shift budget to get the most bang for my advertising buck.”

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The devil is in the details.

With any advertising campaign, there are A LOT of details to keep track of. LumenAd’s monitoring performance pages keep it all front and center. At glance you know:

  • How many campaigns are active and how many days left are in the current contract.
  • Pertinent details such as the campaign’s objective, target audience and geos, among others. 
  • The amount of media expenditures, and associated breakouts,  at varying levels of the campaign architecture.
  • How key metrics are performing against set goals.


Course-correct in real time.

Maximize return on media spend by translating data early and often. LumenAd presents data in near real-time.

Real-time advertising data from ad buying platforms comes with small discrepancies, which persist until the data is roughly three-days matured.

But, we’ve found that despite that there is power in real-time data. It enables media teams to pull levers and make fine-tune adjustments early, correcting something that’s slightly off-track before it can derail an entire campaign.

Or, better yet, identify actionable insights as the campaign is just beginning and make slight adjustments so that you are confident in each dollar’s performance. 

Monitor Feature Set LumenAd Screenshot 3
LumenAd also helps users avoid common errors.

Notifications flag anomalies for the Ad Account that you are monitoring, allowing you to take a quick glance (Is this something I should expect?) or dive deep into a more in-depth notification page (Oops, glad we caught that!)

Want to see our monitoring capabilities for yourself? We love talking about normalized and aggregated data.

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