What You Need to Know About Mobile Geo Targeting

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Guides

Mobile Geo Targeting Feature Image - "Location Targeting"

More and more often, advertisers are choosing to deliver messages to their target audience across multiple devices on a variety of channels.  

They know their ad budgets are precious, so they turn to cross-channel approaches to collect data that delivers a more complete picture of consumer behavior.

Location targeting – or mobile geo targeting – data is quickly becoming an important component of cross-channel digital campaigns. 

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, location signal is a powerful and unique set of data points passed through mobile devices. 

Mobile geo targeting data enhances marketer’s understanding of consumer behavior in the physical world. Essentially, it helps deliver hyper-targeted messages to the right audience, at the right time, in the best possible place. 

Two types of mobile geo targeting data exist: 

1. Place Data, which describes where places are in the physical world.

2. Device Data, which describes where users are in the physical world. 

The success of delivering location-based advertising is directly tied to the quality of the data that you are using. 

Equip yourself with a short list of questions to ask when assessing and comparing partners and the capabilities they offer. → 

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