All Channels. Every Detail. One Place.

INDEX simplifies media planning for brands and agencies by automating the setup, delivery, optimization, and reporting of complex multi-channel campaigns.

INDEX gives you control.

Pacing Management Hub

It’s never been easier to manage dozens of campaigns regardless of when they launch or end. Impressions, spend, and KPI’s by day is readily available on every flight.

Key Performance Metrics

Smart media is intended to be purchased for measured impact. Ensure your campaign is meeting objectives by optimizing towards qualified traffic with focused audience and contextual targeting.

Cross-Channel Integration

Breakout campaigns by specific line items to visualize how every channel is working in unison. Data visualization allows for more frequent optimizations ensuring the most efficient ad spend on every campaign.

Real-Time Dynamic Reporting

Every advertiser and campaign is unique – the reporting should be no different. Custom dashboards can be compiled with endless widgets, and quickly downloaded to share internally.

Faster Workflow.

Pre-Flight Checks

Your LumenAd delivery team stages every campaign based on its unique workflow. In addition, a summary of pre-flight details is outlined to ensure accurate deployment, every time.

Daily Optimizations

INDEX simply makes data accessible. This enables fast and frequent optimizations by the LumenAd delivery team, while freeing up media teams to collaborate internally. You now have an elegant solution to holistic media management.


Next generation algorithms combine contextual, behavioral, and analytics based targeting into real-time dashboards you can access from anywhere. Easily extract a campaign summary or compare campaigns from a previous flight to demonstrate incremental growth.

How will INDEX benefit your team?

Detailed Reporting

Quickly visualize inefficiencies and opportunities across the entire digital ecosystem. Through focused content delivery, INDEX ensures you get the most out of your budget with unprecedented results.


Results and scalability are no longer mutually exclusive. INDEX arms you with the tools to easily manage a full portfolio of analytically driven campaigns across any market or audience.

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Workflow Automation

INDEX stitches together data across all channels, so less time is spent interpreting online behavior, and more time is spent personalizing the customer experience.

INDEX Automation

Brand Safety

Stacked with the latest in brand safety techniques, INDEX gives you efficiency, plus confidence. Integrated verification partners include IAS, DoubleVerify, and MOAT.

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