How to Use Engaged Sessions to Optimize Campaigns

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Education

Last month, we dove into the details of engaged sessions, LumenAd’s signature metric for measuring the quality of website traffic. As a quick recap, engaged sessions are logged when a user, after clicking your ad, sticks around on your website for five seconds (or more).

When you measure engaged sessions in a campaign, you’re measuring the number of people that stick around and read your content. In other words, you’re measuring how well your campaign resonates with your target audience.

We outline the benefits of gaining this sort of insight in the previous article, but there’s a facet of engaged sessions that deserves its own write up. 

Perhaps the coolest part about utilizing engaged sessions is that:

You can track and optimize engaged sessions across all campaign layers, including the creative layer.

As Will Lapointe, Senior Director of Media Services, puts it, “I think that’s the most sophisticated part of the technology — the flexibility and granularity of its integration.”

Let’s explore what that means and how to use engaged sessions to optimize campaigns.

Setting the Right KPI Expert Guide Subhead: Educate

Nick Lange, Technical Innovation Lead, says “from the campaign to ad groups to creative, engaged sessions provide the opportunity to make optimizations at any layer of the campaign.”

This means you can see which creatives, ad groups, targeting strategies and more drive engaged sessions. You could shift ad spend to ad groups that drive more engaged sessions, you could tweak individual creative copy or you can make larger campaign pivots.

At its core, optimizing engaged sessions revolves around reviewing the source and targeting behind the clicks that don’t result in engaged sessions and focusing your spend on sources and targeting that do.

Applying this thinking to all levels of the campaign identifies poorly performing strategies and filters out sources of fraudulent and accidental clicks.

Setting the Right KPI Expert Guide Subhead: Educate

As we outlined in our previous article, measuring engaged sessions is generally best suited for top-funnel  awareness campaigns. It does have uses in bottom-funnel campaigns by parsing levels of engagement and driving people to take action on your webpage. But overall, engaged session are usually best suited for awareness campaigns.

So, let’s say you’re a nonprofit looking to spread an important message. You’ve got a lot to say and you need to make sure real people hear it. Tracking and optimizing engaged sessions throughout every level of your campaign will be incredibly useful. 

Your campaign kicks off to some success. The initial push drives quite a bit of interest, but after a couple weeks, things start to lag in your campaign as a whole.

At the campaign level, engaged sessions are down. But as you dive into separate ad groups you see that some are still exceeding your goals, while others are way below. Because your ad groups are sorted by creative types and channels, you can quickly understand which ones are driving engaged sessions and which are not. 

You shift spend to the high-performing ad groups and update poorly performing groups with the creative that’s proven successful. Within a couple days, you’re back on track.

 That’s a high-level view of how you might use engaged sessions throughout all levels of your campaign. If you’d like to learn more about how to use engaged sessions, schedule a campaign consultation or subscribe below.

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