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by | Sep 4, 2019 | HOW TOS

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Planning is vital to an advertising campaign’s success

Conceptualizing how all of your media dollars work together toward an end goal requires thoughtful planning.

Time put into planning on the front-end of the campaign will yield major dividends at the end of the campaign. 

Why? Because if you’ve devoted careful thought to setting your campaign up to make sense from the start, it will be easier to optimize and report back on performance. 

We often like to frame it through a reporting lens. If you’ve already thought about how you want your first report to look, then you can structure your campaign architecture to ensure the data flows into that report exactly as you intend.

You also ensure transparency because now you can demonstrate that each dollar spent has a distinct objective, a goal, and is measured and reported on.

LumenAd software brings planning to the forefront, yet it’s nimble enough to allow users to restructure their plan at any point. So, as campaign dynamics change — as they frequently do — you aren’t locked into the original approach. 

LumenAd’s Plan feature set helps guide you through the important components of setting a campaign up for success. 

Here are just a handful of the planning tools purpose-built for advertising campaigns:

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Design for the big picture.

The first feature most users employ is the Campaign tool, which guides you through setting up Campaign Architecture

Emphasis is placed on the Line Item level. In LumenAd, Line Items are where the strategy of a campaign comes to life.

They group channels and corresponding platforms with a focus on a singular Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and associated budgets.

Once Line Items are built, you can attach multiple channels and platforms, allowing for a true silo-breaking approach.

Because you’ve connected the data in a stand-alone feature set, if you need to adjust or later change your campaign architecture, you can do so without disrupting the data flow.

Simply restructure, and the data will respond accordingly.

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Prepare to capture the details.

You can’t report on rich, granular insights — often the details of a campaign that bring a story to life — if you haven’t planned to capture them. 

The Pixels feature allows users to pull in data from tracking pixels so that when a campaign launches, you can monitor and report on actions tied to advertising efforts.  

Next, the Creative Categories feature allows you to group creatives into (you guessed it) categories so you can later dissect their data across Line Items, Channels and Platforms. 

Use the Creative Categories feature for: 

  • A/B testing.
  • Comparing audience segment performance.
  • Comparing creative performance across different strategies.
  • Demonstrating creative delivery.
  • Evaluating creative performance to make optimization decisions. 
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Facilitate teamwork. 

To get all oars in the water and rowing in sync toward a common goal, use the Team feature.  

Help your team members focus on the campaigns assigned to them by attaching users to specific Ad Accounts.

Once assignments have been made, all team members have visibility into the campaign’s daily data.

Everybody can speak the same language, accessing data when they need it, without crossing wires or wasting time catching others up on performance.  

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Work toward a common goal.

When sorting through the complex details of executing a cross-channel campaign, it’s easy to lose sight of the end goal.

LumenAd keeps the campaign objective, KPI, target customer profile and geographic targeting top of mind so all team members are aligned before a campaign launches. 

Use the Settings functionality to capture the core purpose of the campaign. Stay aligned after a campaign launches by accessing the information in the Monitor feature set

All users — including invested stakeholders — can view campaign objectives alongside real-time insights. The result: alignment from the first media dollar spent to the last. 


Want to see more?

This is just a quick peek into some of LumenAd’s planning features.

LumenAd’s approach to planning was born from our experience preparing for and launching robust media campaigns.

It’s got a lot to offer your team and we’d love to show you how it works. Schedule a demo today and we’ll get things rolling. 


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