Hindsight is 2020: Downloadable Deck for Year-End Reporting

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Impressions

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It’s the end of a decade, and for digital advertising … what a decade it’s been. This industry moves so fast that sometimes it’s nice to take a moment to reflect back on where we were 10 years ago. 

If you are an OG of digital advertising (and let’s be honest, you are a rare breed), you may recall that real-time bidding (RTB) was born in 2009, and the iPhone just two years prior in 2007. Since then, programmatic digital advertising’s growth has been chart exploding (Captain Obvious here). 

We believe that looking to the past can help shape the future. But, we also know that as 2020 rolls in, there is business to be won and intelligent conversations to be had. 

Need some powerful slides for your next pitch deck? We’ve rounded up the highlights from 2019 (spoiler alert: channels with dramatic growth, disruptors that impacted the day-today and privacy changes), and hope you will find a slide or two here that takes learnings from 2019 and helps you land the next big thing in 2020. You know the saying, “hindsight is 2020.” (We couldn’t resist!)



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