Case Study

Doing good globally.

How LumenAd helped a 100 year-old nonprofit reach their goals by visualizing their digital strategy.


Advancing Global Health

In early 2019, a nonprofit organization that provides reproductive health care to millions was looking for smarter ways to manage digital investments. Their objective was to decrease the cost per scheduled appointment across hundreds of health centers by 5 to 10 percent YoY. To achieve this, the 100 year-old organization sought to reduce the time it takes to attribute ROAS (return on ad spend) from each platform, tactic and supporting creative to make smarter optimizations across markets.


Data Organization

This nonprofit’s greatest challenge was organizing each digital strategy. Each campaign’s associated markets, media mix, tactics, customer profiles and creatives had to be attributed to audience behavior and ultimately show commitment by scheduling an appointment.

Here’s the thing, when marketers seek clarity behind the digital investments that are yielding the greatest return, improved analytics is usually the first place they look. While analytics are vital, the building blocks for actionable insights lie within the proper organization of every data source before you even begin collecting campaign analytics. In this instance, a properly built campaign architecture, or data framework, was essential to correctly assess and attribute ROAS.

The nonprofit would spend weeks untangling misleading conversion figures. This was due to calls and clicks frequently being counted towards a global CPA, but lacked alignment with actual appointment logs.

As a result, staffing efficiency was at an all time low. Nearly 70% of their team’s time was spent deciphering disparate data sources. One manager said it could take upwards of 15 business days to report on the previous months activity – all while budgets and supporting strategies ran unchecked. The impact? Tens of thousands of dollars in media spend waste every month.


Campaign Architecture

LumenAd’s Plan and Connect features represent the essential ingredients for any marketer looking to implement a standardized data framework. Visualizing this nonprofit’s digital strategy and normalizing every data source transformed how they built campaigns for seamless, streamlined analysis.

They had spoken with other data analytics and marketing intelligence providers, but none of them were purpose-built to manage cross-channel campaigns like LumenAd. Most importantly, this nonprofit is on track to exceed their 2019 business objectives by 175.5%.

Through one centralized workspace, their team is able to structure every digital strategy to align with their marketing funnel while gaining full visibility into performance at every layer.

Below: LumenAd’s Campaign Architecture for organizing data.

“This level of accuracy and specificity is something
we had never previously achieved.”



In order to deploy budgets based on what’s best for each market, the DMAs were set up as campaigns and the line items (i.e., tactics/strategy) were the layers of the marketing funnel. Because each line item was now targeted at the DMA level, they achieved a detailed view of market performance at each health center. 

The result was an integrated plan that was clearly articulated across the organization, instead of disjointed strategies built in silos. Their new campaign architecture allowed them to manage performance, capitalize on market opportunities and articulate insights in ways that previously weren’t possible.

The organization’s most valuable insights included 

  • Conversions by health center
  • Cross-channel call attribution
  • Creative A/B testing
  • Conversions by audience profile
  • Lookalike modeling by market
  • Household audience extensions


With the right detail behind every campaign layer, their marketing team was able to reallocate the time they spent wrangling data to focusing on strategic brand initiatives that cultivated stronger relationships with their community. 


2019 Quick Facts

Exceeded business objective by:


*Objective: Decrease cost per scheduled appointment by 5-10%

Global CPA across all channels:


2018: $51.80 | 2019: $37.53

*Channels included: Audio, Video, Display, Social, CTV & Search

Google Ads cost per scheduled appointment:

47.2% ↓

2018: $38.51 | 2019: $20.34


Campaign Integrations

Media Mix


Ad Buying Platforms

Data Providers


Cross-Device Partners


Call Attribution

Brand Safety

Lookalike Modeling


A Scalable Framework

Communicating with a global audience requires significant planning and coordination, but this only becomes scalable with a clear campaign architecture. By empowering marketers to share the right stories, with the right audience, LumenAd brings marketers one step closer to targeted, impactful and measurable advertising. 

This is a success story on advancing health care with smarter advertising management. Not only did LumenAd help this nonprofit achieve its business objectives by attributing ROAS in real-time across every digital investment, it gave them a long-term framework for communicating with a global audience.


LumenAd is an advertising management platform that automates and normalizes cross-channel campaign data. Built within a proven framework for unifying programmatic, direct, search and social data, LumenAd consolidates all your advertising efforts into one intuitive hub. Marketers can architect campaigns, connect to any data source, monitor performance in real-time and quickly craft insightful reports. Free yourself from wrangling data and get back to, well, marketing.

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