Case Study

An award-winning branding, advertising and media agency.

An inside look at how Firehouse utilized LumenAd to manage cross-channel campaigns for every client, accelerate digital innovation, and leveraged role-based permissions to improve external communication.


Firehouse, an award-winning branding, advertising, and media agency, centers their success around doing great work for the brands they believe in. Paired with that success is a mantra that “without insight, you’re flying blind.” 

When they crossed paths with LumenAd in early 2017, a common ethos of doing great work for good people and shared passion for elevating marketers’ relationship with data took root. 

When approaching media, Firehouse stands firm in their belief that “No matter how bulletproof the formula or advanced the algorithm, innovative solutions are rarely found on a spreadsheet.” This forward-thinking approach to advertising technology allows them to offer a differentiated solution to brands looking for a collaborative relationship, transparency, and  — most of all — real impact.

"No matter how bulletproof the formula or advanced the algorithm, innovative solutions are rarely found on a spreadsheet."




And Firehouse’s clients feel that real, quantifiable impact. Their media team was directly contributing to a growing book of business at an accelerating pace. This introduced new challenges as they facilitated every detail for the deep list of campaigns running across a diverse portfolio of clients. 

Firehouse had used other marketing intelligence tools, but they all lacked a major core competency – advertising management.  

Bringing all their data together in one place was not enough. Firehouse needed the ability to align data with the nuances of cross-channel digital media. They needed a system whose framework enabled them to correctly organize data the way they structured, optimized and reported on every investment. 

The Firehouse team also had a serious appetite for pushing digital strategy. At the time, digital ad revenue in the United States was well on its way to an annual mark of $100 billion, and Firehouse wanted to ensure they were keeping abreast of the new platforms, ad formats, audience and measurement opportunities that were contributing to digital ad revenue. In short, they wanted to accelerate the pace at which they were testing new digital strategies. 

That said, one essential ingredient needed to remain a centerpiece – client collaboration. It was essential that every detail could be clearly communicated in real-time. After all, it’s no surprise the brands they represent desire the same productive and insightful relationship with their data.

Summed up, Firehouse had three strategic objectives:

1. Consolidate and centralize the management of all media efforts for each client.

2. Accelerate the pace at which they test new digital strategies.

3. Expedite the communication of data and insights that shape campaign performance.


Firehouse wanted more from the so-called “complete” marketing intelligence tools that were on the market. They chose LumenAd’s holistic advertising management software for more than its ability to unify their clients’ cross-channel data. Firehouse chose LumenAd because it allowed them to organize and structure every data source to match their philosophy on performance media.

Let’s dive into how each strategic objective was met.

“LumenAd is changing the analytics game and is an incredibly effective tool for advertisers.”



Objective #1

Centralized Campaign Management

LumenAd is frequently asked what they believe is the most important element to successful cross-channel digital campaigns. The answer: marketers need to ensure their data framework supports how they want to monitor, optimize and report on campaigns. 

A “data framework” is how marketers intentionally setup and organize the flow of information from every data source before they push a campaign live. This critical, but frequently missed step, was essential to Firehouse when evaluating LumenAd. 

LumenAd arms agencies with a centralized workspace that houses every client and their associated campaigns. Over a morning cup of joe, Firehouse can quickly review how many campaigns are live for each client, which campaigns are pacing towards allocated budgets/impressions, and whether KPIs are on track. 

Smart Notifications, a favorite feature of the Firehouse team, informed them of areas that needed immediate attention.

“It’s really impressive and something my entire team can use.”


Nichole Kirsch – Media Director & Principal, Firehouse

Above: LumenAd’s workspace and data framework for client management.

Objective #2

Digital Innovation

The idea of standing up a fluent, self-sufficient programmatic team is an objective many agencies pursue – and it’s no mistake that LumenAd is purpose-built to accomplish just that. But here’s the thing, in-housing programmatic isn’t an “all-or-nothing affair.” No matter how large, sophisticated or efficient marketing teams get, digital innovation is always accelerating. 

Firehouse was almost completely self-sufficient in regards to media strategy, planning, buying and execution. But when it came to continued investment in digital innovation, they turned to LumenAd’s media services team. In short order, Firehouse was able to accelerate the pace at which they were tapping into new digital opportunities. From trending channels to attribution and technical conversion tracking, LumenAd’s media services team was able to proactively arm Firehouse with new and innovative solutions for key accounts.

“LumenAd has significantly increased our efficiency and strengthened our agency reporting capabilities.”



This combination of additional resources and expertise allowed LumenAd’s media services team to serve as a direct extension of the Firehouse organization. The result of those efforts was a host of new media products that Firehouse could provide their clients. Including:

+   Location Attribution

+   Verified Inventory

+   OTT buying

Objective #3

Data Sharing

Client management can be fickle, but the best way to safeguard those relationships is proactive, clear communication. LumenAd’s role-based permissions empower campaign stakeholders with direct access to their data at any time. This feature was critical to Firehouse because fluid collaboration with clients is an essential part of their process. 

Fluid collaboration across digital strategies also hinges on a mutual data fluency. It’s not enough anymore for agencies to ship a final report, brands are thirsty for a closer relationship with their data. LumenAd eliminates the wrangling of disparate data sources and cleanly packages up every digital strategy for real-time, proactive collaboration with stakeholders.


Firehouse selected LumenAd to holistically manage all their clients, campaigns and reporting from one place. But more importantly, they chose software that combined marketing intelligence with a technical acuity for advertisement management. Combined with our ancillary services, Firehouse was able to push digital innovation and act as a powerful voice for the brands they represent.


LumenAd is an advertising management software that automates and normalizes cross-channel campaign data. Built within a proven framework for unifying programmatic, direct, search and social data, LumenAd consolidates all your advertising efforts into one intuitive hub. Marketers can architect campaigns, connect to any data source, monitor performance in real-time, and quickly craft insightful reports. Free yourself from wrangling data and get back to, well, marketing.

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