Human Brains + Technological Brawn

It’s a pretty simple formula, but it says everything you need to know about our approach to the work we do. We’re people who do our jobs well. Darn well. And we build powerful tech to help along the way.

Ryan Hansen


Kyle Kienitz

VP of Cross Channel Solutions

Daniel Bennion

SVP of Product Development & Marketing

Shane Dowaliby

VP of Client Services

Jeannine Widmann

VP of People & Operations

Damon Banks

VP of Engineering

Andrew Crow

VP of Sales

Ember Hansen

Director of Demand Generation

William Lapointe

Senior Director of Media Services

Jenny Mueller

Director of Enterprise Sales

Ashley Mulligan

Director of Design

Trevor Adams

Director of Engineering

Adam Muennich

Director of Platform Solutions

Kristen Lothrop

Account Director

Nicole Marchion

Accounts Director

Jesse Teal

Principal Architect

June Noel

Product Manager

Jesse Skrivseth

Senior Data Integrations Engineer

Michael Managhan

Product Manager

Erik Gray 

Product Manager

Soren Thompson

Software Developer

Kathryn Kelly

Integrations Specialist

Andrea Lewis

Product Content Specialist

Kelsey Iverson

GTM Specialist

Marty Grant

Junior Data Scientist

Jacob Cunningham

Junior Software Engineer

Kegan Rabil

Analytics Platform Engineer

Oscar Pena

Sales Solution Engineer

Joe Fairchild

Ad Ops Specialist

Nicolas Lange

Senior Ad Ops Specialist

Nate Christianson

Ad Ops Specialist

Molly Fishburn-Matthew

Ad Ops Specialist

Aaron Hatch

Ad Ops Specialist

Patrick Lopach

Ad Ops Specialist

Kaitlin Kinsley

Customer Success Specialist

Reina Gallion

Customer Success Manager

Will Schultz

Senior Media Coordinator

Corey Waldron

Account Manager

Chelsea Reza

Account Manager

Max Conroy

Account Manager

Anthony Boyer

Account Manager

Alexis Schreder

Account Manager

Dave Simone

Regional Sales

Jackson Ottman

Ad Ops Specialist

Ellen Sliwinski

Media Coordinator

Mary Eck

Media Coordinator

Cora Bucher

Media Coordinator

Aspen ZeBarth

Media Coordinator

Alex Deuel

Media Coordinator

Carson Kelly

Media Services Intern

Anthony Krolczyk

Director of Marketing

Tessa Millhollin

Graphic Designer

Eric Thompson

Marketing Content Manager

Lily Kendall

Campaign Manager

Eduardo Hidalgo

Demand Generation Specialist

Callahan Peel

Design & Content Coordinator

Marion Halsell

Operations Coordinator

Amanda Fisher

Human Resources Manager

Laura Hale

Office Coordinator

Andy Morse

IT Solutions Analyst


Missoula, MT

Our home base. A river does,
in fact, run through it.


111 N Higgins, Missoula, MT


Austin, TX

We came for the breakfast tacos.
We stayed for the people.


600 Congress Ave., Austin, TX


Bozeman, MT

Because we couldn't get
enough big sky. Or skiing.


109 East Oak St., Suite 1M, Bozeman, MT