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As Eric explains here, true cross-channel advertising is aligning each channel toward a single objective. 

An important first step in executing a cross-channel campaign strategy is to conceptualize how all of your media dollars work together toward an end goal, which requires thoughtful planning

The second step is to bring that plan to life. It sounds simple and straightforward: “I’m going to launch a variety of advertising tactics with my aim set on a unified goal.”

Yet at the end of the day, the complexities of cross-channel marketing can be daunting even for the most experienced marketer. 

Why? Because each ad-serving platform forces you to deploy media within its own unique structure. If you aren’t super intentional, you can easily fall into the trap of executing your media plan with a siloed approach. 

Despite your careful efforts to plan for a coordinated attack, you’re left with a bunch of related but separate campaigns running at the same time. 

The Lumenad Software allows you to connect all of your cross-channel data sources into one central hub. We know, that doesn’t make us unique. It’s a problem others have solved. 

The true magic happens in the software’s ability to bring your carefully crafted plan to life. Disparate data sources are still disparate unless they can be categorized and organized in a fashion that allows for apples-to-apples comparison. 

But, here’s the thing: to glean insights that inform your strategy and measure progress toward your end goal, you need to align the cross-channel data sources with your Campaign Architecture

LumenAd doesn’t just aggregate and normalize data, it connects data to a campaign structure that, when used correctly, delivers incredible insights at every step in the campaign’s lifecycle.

Connect Data - Harmonize

Harmonize the data.

Bring all sources of data – even traditional sources –  into LumenAd. The software offers its users the flexibility to connect data (at the Ad Account level) into LumenAd via:

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Newbie Note

The Ad Account is the brand featured in the advertisement. Data is aggregated from the creative-level up to the Ad Account level.

1. API Connections: Once an API Connection is established, data automatically pulls into LumenAd daily .

2. One-click Email Integration: For the most commonly used non-API data sources, LumenAd has a standard, built-in data ingestion engine. Simply set up a recurring (daily is best) email report to be sent to LumenAd and the data will be funneled into the software automatically.

3. Custom Email Integration: LumenAd is able to ingest data from any email report provider (.XLSX or .CSV files). This feature can also be used to pull in non-standard metrics from pre-existing API connections.  Just set up a template once and then schedule the email report to deliver the data.

4. Custom Data Source: Any data source – including from traditional sources – can be custom uploaded into LumenAd. Set up a data template once and then easily upload data via a .CSV or .XLSX file at regular intervals (again, daily is best whenever possible).

Connect Data - Bring Your Campaign to Life

Bring the plan to life.

Once the data is connected into LumenAd, users can direct that data to the correct Campaign Architecture location. 

An intuitive interface allows users to drag and drop the media data that is being pulled into the software from external platforms and direct it to the platform level within the LumenAd Campaign Architecture. 

For example:

Connect Data Example - Dragging Facebook Data to Campaign Architecture

Within 24 hours, creative-level data will begin to pull into LumenAd, automatically funnel to the correct platform and then aggregate at the Channel, Line Item, Campaign and Ad Account levels.

Here it is in action:

Connect Data LumenAd Screenshot

Now, users can view data  holistically and measure progress toward pre-defined key performance indicators. 

Connect Data - Be agile

Be agile. 

Even best-laid plans can go awry. Campaign objectives can change midcourse, ad-serving platform setups might not be ideal and you may need to report on metrics that are difficult to access, yet are imperative for your stakeholders.  

Recognizing that agility is needed in the digital media landscape, LumenAd’s Connect feature set delivers marketers flexibility when things change.

If your campaign dynamics change – as they frequently do – you aren’t locked into your original approach. Simply unmap the data from the current Campaign Architecture, reconstruct the Campaign Architecture to serve your needs and remap the data. 

The Organize Data feature allows users to efficiently restructure Paid Social and Paid Search campaigns to fit the LumendAd Campaign Architecture. 

For example, if you are running a Facebook campaign and have set up the campaign differently in Facebook than you have structured it in LumenAd, the Organize Data tool will allow you to direct the Facebook Ad Set data to the correct LumenAd location. 

Connect Data - Dragging Ad Group to Architecture

The Calculated Metrics feature gives you the flexibility to report on metrics that are important to your stakeholders by giving you the tools to create metrics from data that you have uploaded.


{Clicks} + {Swipe Ups} = Interactions

It also allows you to rename metrics. For example, perhaps your stakeholder would like to see Impression (singular) data. Since LumenAd reports Impressions (plural) data, you can use the Custom Metrics feature to rename the metric.

Connect Data - New Normal

The new normal.

With data connected into LumenAd and flowing into the Campaign Architecture, teams can be agile. They can see the big picture and know when to pivot. 

Want to see the magic in action? Request a demo so we can give you a peek behind the curtain. 

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