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Community Medical Center (CMC) is an integrated healthcare facility with core competencies in urgent care, primary care, women’s care, pediatric care, oncology, and rehabilitation services. Not to mention a full spectrum of additional services including Nurse-On-Call.

When CMC first sat down with LumenAd, delivering accessible medical advice to their community was a top priority. They knew their 24/7 Nurse-On-Call (NOC) hotline provided a high-value service to the local community. It connects knowledgeable nursing staff with individuals who need prompt medical advice when dealing with unfamiliar symptoms.

So, when traditional marketing medical campaigns didn’t deliver the call volume CMC was looking for, they turned to LumenAd.


Community Medical Center needed a strategic plan to reach their target audience across  a variety of relevant mediums and be top of mind the moment a medical question or issue arose.

Additionally, they needed a more sophisticated management and analytics solution to better identify which strategies were working and which weren’t. Even though their traditional campaigns were falling short, they had no way of identifying the source of the problem.

Working with LumenAd, CMC was able to:

  1. Organize all their campaign data into one centralized system.
  2. Identify an effective mix of tactics that were testable and agile. 
  3. Build a scalable infrastructure for long-term media execution.


As more people turn to the web for medical help, Community Medical Center knew being present in the right place was paramount to increasing NOC call volume. After identifying the top demographic segments of potential NOC callers, LumenAd built out interactive ads, or “rich media,” to drive mobile traffic directly to the NOC hotline.

By executing integrated ads on specific sites, CMC was able to engage individuals the moment they began researching medical symptoms. For example, a mother nervously searching WebMD for “infant fever” would see a high quality ad unit from CMC and immediately contact a nurse. 

All this was made possible due to a few essential ingredients:


1.0 Audience Segmentation

LumenAd took CMC’s predetermined audience segments and matched it with third party classifications to implement a more targeted ad campaign. CMC focused on parents with young children (ages 25 through 45) and parents whose children had left home (ages 55 through 70).

This third party data provided demographic segmentation such as:

  •  “Health-Conscious Mothers,” or “Single Dads,” which informed a strategic whitelist of ad placements on sites such as and
  • “Stomach/GI Issues,” or individuals who prioritized “Gathering Information Online,” leading to ad buys with and The Weather Channel

2.0 Contextual Targeting

No balanced cross-channel campaign is complete without strong contextual targeting. Potential NOC customers were reached on contextually-relevant sites or apps when seeking answers to their medical questions. 

For example, an individual researching a topic on WebMD or MSN Health was offered a quick solution to their problem instead of spending hours searching for answers. 

Lastly, CMC layered in specific geographic targeting to ensure:

  • Budgets were being allocated wisely. 
  • They were reaching individuals most likely to visit CMC for their healthcare needs.

3.0 Live Campaign Analytics

Now that Community Medical Center had access to key performance data from a diversified portfolio of advertising mediums, they used LumenAd’s advertising management platform to organize their data for real-time analysis and actionable insights. 

LumenAd allowed them to monitor engagement levels among key demographics and standardize common metrics for a unified view of every investment. For the first time, CMC had clarity on where to allocate budgets to aid in optimal campaign performance.


LumenAd allowed Community Medical Center to identify their highest-value customers, clearly attribute ad spend to the impact on the business and establish a scalable management system for all digital campaigns.

An overall 15% increase in NOC call volume.

Increased mobile click-to-call volume by 82.5%.

Decreased cost-per-call by 56%.

“For me, LumenAd has transcended the concept of a typical vendor. They are incredibly transparent on every level and make it crystal clear that their #1 priority is our organization’s success.”

– Geoff Peddicord, Director of Marketing, Community Medical Center

“LumenAd continues to go above and beyond, delivering the highest level of customer service and teamwork on each and every campaign.”

– Geoff Peddicord, Director of Marketing, Community Medical Center

“I simply don’t see LumenAd as a vendor, I see them as a highly respected and integral part of my team.”

– Geoff Peddicord, Director of Marketing, Community Medical Center

“We’ve seen incredible results, results that I didn’t even imagine possible.”

– Geoff Peddicord, Director of Marketing, Community Medical Center

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