Data that speaks a common language … and it’s not .xcl

One team. One campaign goal. One set of transformed metrics for all your ads.

Every ad channel has its own set of performance metrics. As you aggregate those metrics together, If you’re not standardizing the data into a common language, you’re not accurately measuring campaign performance—which means you’re more likely to make detrimental decisions that waste time and money. Lumenad can transform advertising data automatically to provide a clear, unbiased view of campaigns that span multiple ad channels.

Created for Experts, By Experts

Lumenad partners with cross-discipline advertising experts to validate and maintain our data transformation framework, which is pressure-tested against thousands of campaigns and millions in ad spend. Our crowdsourced approach keeps the framework in lockstep with the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

No More Guessing

Lumenad’s data transformation process takes the guesswork out of data standardization. Your entire organization will use the same data standards—creating alignment and improving communication. Gone are the days where half the team uses meters and the other half uses yards (not to mention that one guy who still uses miles).

Cross-Channel Accountability

Every ad-buying platform uses a set of proprietary metrics to make their performance look as successful as possible. As data-driven marketers, we must maintain a clear, unbiased view of how ads are performing across these platforms. Lumenad gives you a true apples-to-apples comparison, allowing you to determine the platforms that are driving the best performance.

Free Download

Data Standardization Worksheet and Guide

To help support those in our field, we’ve built a worksheet that unifies naming conventions and equalizes performance measurements so that you can evaluate advertising data in a one-to-one environment!

No-Code Transformation

The moment you add your first data source, Lumenad automatically ingests and transforms your advertising data. No coding. No math. Just fully transformed data that meets the standards of our proven Performance Analytics Framework.

Customizable Metrics

Do you have a unique way of measuring engagement? Need to calculate conversion rates based on variable inputs? Use any metric in the system to build customized or calculated metrics.

Platform Pricing

Lumenad lets you add additional fees to client’s ad spend to provide an accurate view of their all-in advertising investment.

With clean data at your fingertips, it’s time to align your campaign execution with your business goals.

“Normally, when my boss asks me how much we’ve spent in ads this month, I start to sweat a little bit. This morning I was able to on-the-fly pull up my dashboard and quickly give him the number he needed. It was super awesome.”  

Rob Kirkpatrick, Marketing Director, BombBomb

“The Lumenad software is allowing us to scale our business. We are on a growth trajectory, and we are confident to onboard new business because of Lumenad.”  

Alissa Menke, Owner & Chief Digital Strategist, Cohort Digital

“Lumenad allows me to be platform agnostic. By moving between DSPs I can drive the best performance possible for my clients, and the data flows seamlessly into Lumenad without interruption.”  

Michael Jung, VP of Product Management and Technology, Precision Reach

“Thanks to Lumenad, it's made collaboration with my team faster and more effective, and it's reduced the number of hours I need to spend on different platforms to get the data I need.”  

Zak Kozuchowski, Founder, Rooted Solutions

“Holy S@%* this is awesome!” (upon logging into Lumenad for the first time.)”  

Steven London, co-founder, FlashHouse

“I think you’d be hard pressed to find a single strategy or goal where you don’t need a multi-touch experience. We want to be in all the places that our customer could be. Lumenad helps us organize and standardize that data so we can evaluate it.”  

Julia Filo, Associate Director, Digital Marketing Mission Media

“That very first interaction sold me. With my data organized in an intelligent way, I could see very clearly what action I needed to take, and it didn’t take me drilling deep into reports to find it.”  

Ceci Dadisman, Director of Marketing, FlashHouse

“By using Lumenad, our team spent 50-70% less time on reporting, we were able to use that time to further enrich the campaigns and drive performance for our clients.”  

Ryan Rodgers, President, Embee Media