Measure with confidence. Succeed on your terms.

When ad data is organized to match your goals, campaign decisions become a lot easier.

Advertising data on its own doesn’t provide context into campaign performance or the effectiveness of our marketing strategy. Without a way to tie performance metrics to our unique business objectives we’re basically staring at a bunch of numbers and calling it “reporting.” Lumenad empowers marketers to organize advertising data in a way that makes it easier to measure, and ultimately improve, campaign performance.

Focus on Objectives.

Marketers understand that a sound advertising strategy uses multiple ad platforms—so why are we still reporting via individual channels? By using Lumenad to organize advertising data, marketers gain insight into their entire ad strategy, while also ensuring alignment to their business objectives.

Put Data to Work.

Nothing gives marketers more of an edge than being able to make data-driven decisions to help drive business growth. Lumenad allows you to segment data in countless ways to more easily see what’s working, what’s not, and then make educated decisions to move forward.


Why Organization is the #1 Key to Digital Advertising Success

And also to avoiding sock-underwear confusion


Whether you’re grouping common campaign elements together or testing creative messaging, Lumenad Dimensions offers the flexibility needed to glean insights faster. Add custom labels to your data, and then group them into the segments that matter most to your business.


Event tracking becomes painless with Lumenad’s Event Categorization. Group post-click user activity from all of your data sources—it’s never been easier to track pixel events.

No-Code Organization

Achieve Advertising Intelligence with clicks, not code. Organize advertising data in one intuitive interface that focuses on friendly names, batch processing, color coding, and customization.

With proper context applied to standardized data, it’s time to take action.

“Lumenad allows me to be platform agnostic. By moving between DSPs I can drive the best performance possible for my clients, and the data flows seamlessly into Lumenad without interruption.”  

Michael Jung, VP of Product Management and Technology, Precision Reach

“I think you’d be hard pressed to find a single strategy or goal where you don’t need a multi-touch experience. We want to be in all the places that our customer could be. Lumenad helps us organize and standardize that data so we can evaluate it.”  

Julia Filo, Associate Director, Digital Marketing Mission Media

“By using Lumenad, our team spent 50-70% less time on reporting, we were able to use that time to further enrich the campaigns and drive performance for our clients.”  

Ryan Rodgers, President, Embee Media

“The Lumenad software is allowing us to scale our business. We are on a growth trajectory, and we are confident to onboard new business because of Lumenad.”  

Alissa Menke, Owner & Chief Digital Strategist, Cohort Digital

“Holy S@%* this is awesome!” (upon logging into Lumenad for the first time.)”  

Steven London, co-founder, FlashHouse

“Thanks to Lumenad, it's made collaboration with my team faster and more effective, and it's reduced the number of hours I need to spend on different platforms to get the data I need.”  

Zak Kozuchowski, Founder, Rooted Solutions

“That very first interaction sold me. With my data organized in an intelligent way, I could see very clearly what action I needed to take, and it didn’t take me drilling deep into reports to find it.”  

Ceci Dadisman, Director of Marketing, FlashHouse

“Normally, when my boss asks me how much we’ve spent in ads this month, I start to sweat a little bit. This morning I was able to on-the-fly pull up my dashboard and quickly give him the number he needed. It was super awesome.”  

Rob Kirkpatrick, Marketing Director, BombBomb