Data-driven decisions require organized data.

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Advertising Intelligence.

As ad campaigns reach audiences across multiple advertising channels, marketers are saddled with an avalanche of siloed performance data that is incompatible.

Disorganized. Fundamentally different and possibly (okay, probably) flawed.

Advertising Intelligence gives you the ability to organize chaotic paid ad data, understand how your campaigns are performing across the board, and provide insights to make them even better.

The Advertising
Intelligence process:


Stop spending all your time managing advertising data.

The average marketer spends hours every week manually managing advertising data. Lumenad automatically extracts campaign data from your ad-buying platforms and then aggregates and stores it into a single source of truth.

Connect Paid Ads Data


Let’s all speak the same ad language, shall we?

Each ad-buying platform measures performance with different metrics—which means finding commonality across them is time consuming and error prone. With Lumenad, your advertising data is transformed into a standardized framework, allowing you to clearly understand performance no matter what platform it came from.


Report on campaign performance YOUR way.

Data by itself doesn't mean much. What marketers really need is the context to understand how our advertising strategies are performing. Lumenad takes performance data from separate ad platforms and lets you organize it in a way that makes sense to your business objectives and strategies.


Go forth and rock your paid ad campaigns.

Marketers spend so much time and effort managing data that it leaves little time for analysis and optimization. Lumenad users spend less time wrangling data so they can concentrate on analyzing, optimizing, and sharing campaign success.

Advertising Intelligence Defined

With insights from Margaret Thatcher, Bruce Lee, and French silk pie

Advertising Intelligence Defined