Adventure Cycling Association Organizes Campaign Tactics with LumenAd


With 102 annual tours across 40 states, Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) has no problem with keeping their teams plate full. That’s a lot of moving parts and as a result, they naturally found their way to LumenAd.

One of ACA’s most popular tour programs is the cross–country “Epic Tours,” a 28 to 93-day, self-contained or van-supported pilgrimage for dedicated riders. As is the case for just about everything this dedicated team puts their mind to, the ACA organization had ambitious goals of growing these one-of-a-kind tours



The ACA team is committed to outcomes-focused campaigns that engage their loyal tribe of cycling enthusiasts. However, keeping tabs on all the moving pieces for dozens of different tour types is a challenge.

The strategy for their summer long “Epic Tours” was to leverage their 50,000 person membership base to create lookalike audiences and execute contextual ad buys with focused budgets via select mediums. Their primary need was a system to organize the various stages of campaign tactics, while monitoring performance with a high-degree of detail – all in an effort to make smarter decisions with their ad buys.


Partnering with LumenAd ensured ACA was able to: 

  1. methodically organize their different programs, and 
  2. keep tabs on the various audience segments that were interested in each tour. 

By carefully measuring engagement for each program, ACA was able to optimize to the audience segments most likely to commit to each tour.

Live Analytics

LumenAd’s real-time analytics gave ACA a detailed view of campaign performance they had never before experienced. The ACA team was able to explore tactics by channel that leveraged lookalike modeling data from previous participants in cross-country tours.

These audience segments encapsulated the ideal mix of age, race, gender and interests to target individuals most likely to engage with ACA tours. As a bonus, the time saved on analysis allowed their design to quickly develop the ideal messaging for each campaign.


New Audience Segments

While ACA has always focused their campaign messaging on individuals in the biking community, what they discovered was that individuals interested in broader “adventure travel” were one of their highest converting audience segments. Even though these individuals had never before been on a cross-country bike tour, their desire for new adventures drove trials of the tours. 

With the discovery of new and well organized customer segments, ACA implemented unique creative and dynamic landing pages based on each user group. These landing pages allowed them to A/B test different messaging and incrementally improve conversion rates among different prospects.


40.2% increase in average time on site.

93.8% MoM increase in engaged site sessions.

Leverage Live Analytics with LumenAd.

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