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We’re interested in performance, not performing.

We tap online avenues strategically aligned with each stage of your campaign.
For us, it’s all about the right access to achieve results.

Eliminate fraud and control where your ads are served. It’s time you speak with your audience with the transparency your business demands.

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Cross-Channel Display

check icon High Impact + Rich Media + Standard Media
check icon Brand Focused Native Campaigns
check icon Programmatic Media Activation
check icon Private Marketplace Management
check icon First + Third Party Audience Data
check icon White Listing + Black Listing
check icon Brand Safety + Fraud Protection
check icon Viewability Focused
check icon Dynamic Call Integration Software
check icon Audience Segmentation + Retargeting
check icon Foot Traffic Analysis
check icon Click-To-Call Campaigns
check icon Location Based Audiences

Video remains an immersive and powerful advertising channel for building your brand. We ensure you’re making an impact with transparent results and measurable brand lift.  

Digital Videocheck icon Pre-Roll + In-Stream + Out-Stream
check icon Interactive Video Placements
check icon  Viewabilty Measured + Optimized
check icon  Pre-Bid Brand Safety

INDEX introduces a new way to optimize social media campaigns, ensuring performance based activation. The brands that can relate to a user, rather than shout, come out on top.

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Paid Social

check icon  Cross Platform API Integration & Optimization
check icon  INDEX Powered Creative Fatigue Management
check icon  Reach + Frequency Optimization
check icon  Call Tracking Integrations
check icon  Custom Event & Conversion Tracking
check icon  Custom Dashboard Reporting Powered by INDEX
check icon  High Volume Optimizations

Exploit demand and drive results based on users precise search intent.
The best strategy here? Attention to detail. 

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Paid Search

check icon  CPA Focused
check icon  Real-Time Conversions by Device
check icon  Intuitive Call Extensions
check icon  Optional Call Recording
check icon  Data-Proven Keyword Targeting
check icon  Detailed Ad Group Performance
check icon  Voice Search Activation
check icon  M-Commerce Optimized
check icon  Targeted Message Control
check icon  Ad Copy Testing Team

The average Spotify user spends 148 minutes listening to music every day. Want to know if programmatic radio is a fit for your brand? We’re here to help.

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Internet Radio

check icon  Manage and Streamline Online Radio Media
check icon  Drive Brand Lift with Sponsored Sessions
check icon  Exclusive Sponsored Playlists
check icon  Unique Streaming Intelligence
check icon  Rich Mobile Overlays
check icon  Premium App Experience
check icon  Reach Highly Engaged Users
check icon  Audio Ads + Companion Display Unit
check icon  Combines Rich First + Third Party Data
check icon  Relevant and Personalized Ad Placements
check icon  Cross-Channel Environment

Utilize one of the newest products in digital on the world’s most powerful ad medium. Now you can reach 93% of U.S. households with spots from more than 750 broadcast TV stations.

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Connected TV

check icon  Full-Screen Branded Experience
check icon  Validated Audience Size and Demographics
check icon  Programmatic Linear TV
check icon  Addressable TV
check icon  Connected TV
check icon  15 and 30 Second Formats
check icon Industry Leading Attribution Modeling with Visual IQ

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