Ad Ops Tricks of the Trade: Dealing with Tabs & Bookmarks

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Anyone that’s run a digital advertising campaign will tell you: you’re dealing with a lot of tabs and bookmarks.

Hopping from platform to platform is an easy way to become disorganized, less efficient and way more stressed (which is one of our motivating factors for our tech).

Here are four ad ops tricks of the trade our media services team uses to streamline their workflow — including what is possibly the best way for media professionals to organize bookmarks.

Note: We all use Chrome, but all other browsers have equivalents to these tricks.

1. Bookmarks as icons.

Nate, one of our ad ops specialists, shared this tip for organizing bookmarks. To avoid too many bookmarks  cluttering up your space, remove the text associated with them so they only show the favicon. 

Here’s how it looks:

Here’s how to do it in Chrome:

  1. Click the three dots in the top right.
  2. Click “Bookmark Manager” under “Bookmarks >”.
  3. Click the three dots to the right of the bookmark you want to change.
  4. Delete the text in the “Name” field and click “Save.”
  5. Repeat for all the bookmarks you want to change!

2. Pin your tabs.

For those tabs you need to keep open all day, Mary, one of our media coordinators, suggests pinning them. All it takes two clicks and those persistent tabs are reduced to just the favicon.

Here’s how it looks:

Pretty clean right?

Here’s how to pin a tab in Chrome:

  1. Right click the tab you would like to pin.
  2. Select “Pin tab.”
  3. Repeat for all the tabs you’d like to keep around!

3. Separate browsers for separate profiles.

Shane, VP of client services, has to switch between different Google accounts in his day-to-day as he hops from meeting to meeting. It’s easy to lose track of which bookmarks and pinned tabs and everything else are associated with each profile.

His simple trick is to have separate browsers for each profile (e.g., work, home and shared access), rather than keeping them all in one browser and switching manually each time.

This way, he always knows where everything is and switching profiles is a matter of a simple alt+tab (or Command+tab in Mac).


4. The perfect bookmark organization for ad ops.

Joe, one of our ad ops specialists, created a strategy for organizing bookmarks that has spread to just about everyone on our media services team.

He creates a folder for each platform. Within that folder, each advertiser has its own bookmark. 

Here’s how it looks:

And he uses the same technique as Nate, but instead of deleting the Name, he renames is as the Advertiser it’s associated with. This saves him multiple clicks each time he needs to navigate to the right platform. 

This is a strategy that our accounts team as well and is easily adaptable to just about anyone.

Mary, who uses this technique in conjunction with her pinned tabs, says it’s “110% a life saver.”

There are many more ad ops tricks of the trade we’ll share in the coming months. Subscribe below or go ahead and schedule a free digital media consultation and you might just work with some of the people here in this article. 

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