Say goodbye to the educated guess.

Why Advertising Intelligence?

Today marketers experience three major data problems:


There are an endless number of digital platforms, each with their own proprietary metrics.


The amount of incoming data taxes the storage and processing power available to most marketers, creating long wait times.


New data comes in often, and it comes in fast. Manual processes leave you looking at out-of-date information.

These problems lead marketers to miss the key insights they need to take the right action at the right time.

Data problems often get solved the wrong way.

"Let’s add more people."

Over time, adding people without fixing the underlying issues increases dependency on tribal knowledge and internal processes. The DIY approach only intensifies, hurting profits.

“Let’s add a data analyst.”

Data analysts are expensive and their findings often come too late to satisfy the immediate, take-action needs of marketers.

“Let’s add a dashboarding tool.”

The issue is you don’t have a dashboarding problem, you have a data organization problem. Dashboarding tools still require you to capture the data, transform and cleanse it.

“Let’s build a business intelligence solution.”

Marketers can find themselves building and maintaining complex software, and typically get frustrated with slow time-to-value.

The Solution is Advertising Intelligence.

Lumenad offers an industry-validated method to advertising that simplifies cross-channel data management and organization, so marketers can easily access and fully understand historical, current and future views of ad campaigns. With Advertising Intelligence, maximize return on every ad dollar.

Advertising Intelligence allows you to:


Standardized data illuminates what’s working and what’s not.


Extract rich insights to make informed, responsive and timely decisions.


Drive performance by using your expertise to adjust strategy and creative.

Let’s take a look at how you get there:


You need data? That’s the easy part.


Data + Context, Now we are talking. This is interesting.


I’m able to deliver data-backed strategy. Watch out world!


Ad Intelligence.

Sharpen campaigns and elevate the value that you bring to the table. The more intelligence you draw from your campaigns, the more the marketing hero you become.