Lumenad makes marketers heroes again.

Join the Lumenad Team.

We launched Lumenad in 2014 in Missoula, Montana with big ambitions to change the marketing game. Like many Montanans, we pride ourselves on hard work and authenticity. That ethic has become part of the fabric of our company, and now extends far beyond Montana.

Our mission is quite simple – Lumenad helps marketers spend less time managing data so they can spend more time being creative and strategic. Why? Because, marketers need advertising to work better for them. So, we built software that integrates advertising data, makes sense of it all, and provides tools to communicate results clearly.

What you can expect.

  • Leadership that invests in your growth – development opportunities, workshops, goal setting, recognition & constructive feedback.
  • A forward-thinking workplace designed for your well-being – unlimited paid time off, 401K with employer match, health, dental & vision insurance, employee assistance program, equal paid parental leave, and much more.
  • For those working remotely, you can rely on support for all your working needs, from IT to work-life balance to asynchronous working styles.
  • For those in our Montana offices – An environment to support great work – soundproof phone booths, collaborative meeting spaces, snack stations, cold brew on tap.

Core Values.

Core values enable Lumenad to chart its course, guiding sound decision-making. We’ve distilled ours down to the following five:


1. Be inclusive.

Everyone is treated equally and with respect.

2. Have an impact.

We share a common belief that we will better the industry and empower marketers.

3. Be radically transparent.

We set workplace politics and self-interest aside, in favor of candid and honest feedback.

4. Iterate to success. Fast.

We move quickly, embrace change and big ideas.

5. Challenge yourself and others.

We prioritize results and hold ourselves accountable to results and growth.