The Lumenad Anthem

As digital advertising availability has increased, businesses’ ability to understand the power of advertising has not. Saddled with mountains of unorganized data all speaking different languages, marketers are desperate to glean meaning from information.

To understand the impact of advertising.

But there’s a rift between cause and effect, between spend and results. Unbreakable barriers exist between every advertising platform, creating a chasm between what worked, what didn’t, and why.

Most supposed marketing solutions are just data peddlers or dashboard designers—none of which provide context or insight.

Advertising Intelligence syncs the data and discipline of contemporary media mayhem so that businesses better understand and account for advertising campaigns across multiple platforms.

To bring alignment, accountability, and certainty to marketing strategies … and unlock the advertising understanding marketers crave.

At Lumenad, we bring clarity, context, and connection to this overabundance of complex data and information. We’re an equalizer for your paid ads. We exist to fine-tune the balance, amplitude, and frequency of your advertising, and remove channel distortion.

True Advertising Intelligence occurs when advertising experience meets clear, organized data.

We are Lumenad, the Advertising Intelligence company.

Meet the team behind Advertising Intelligence

We believe that great advertising is dependent upon great strategy. The Lumenad platform was created to help you build that strategy by turning disorganized campaign data into a killer digital program that generates results. Nerding out on advertising strategy since 2014, Lumenaders thrive on clean, organized data; clear Montana skies; and lots of Drum Coffee.