We think advertising can be done better.

LumenAd is a technology company that builds software designed to make every advertising dollar more valuable.

Our Mission

To hold advertising accountable to marketing principles.

Marketers need advertising to work better for them. So, we built a software that integrates their advertising data, makes sense of it all, and provides tools to communicate results clearly.

And we’re pretty good at it:

Inc. 5000 29th
Fastest Growing Company
Fast 500 13th
Fastest Growing
Tech Company
Best Marketing Automation
Platform Finalist

Our story.

It was a simple premise.

How can we do digital advertising better? We got to work in Ryan’s unfinished basement with a couple laptops and a dream (and a few beers). Five years later, we’ve grown from a handful of greenhorns to 100+ experts collaborating around the world. 

Our secret?

An uncompromising drive to optimize every facet of executing digital advertising campaigns. 

We started in 2014 by offering media services. In our drive to improve every aspect of performance, we found existing technology lacking. So, we made our own.

And in January 2019, we launched LumenAd as a standalone advertising management software and we’ve been turning heads ever since.

These days…

We’re a tight knit group with offices in Missoula, Bozeman, Brno and Skopje. If you pop by for a visit, you might find Soren from the dev team riding by on a scooter, or Olga from Media Services dropping off some of her heavenly homemade brownies in the breakroom, or Ryan setting up his VR rig in between meetings.

We work hard, but we know what it means to be a team, have fun and get stuff done.

Want to change things for the better?

We’re always on the lookout for new team members who can deliver a diverse set of experiences, skills and perspectives to join us as we improve this industry together.


Missoula, Montana

Our home base. A river does,
in fact, run through it.


Bozeman, Montana

Because we couldn’t get
enough big sky. Or skiing.


Brno, Czechia

We came for the people.
We stayed for the Opera.

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