You’re the hero.

Advertising Intelligence
is your superpower.

The digital media ecosystem drowns in data.

If you’re a marketer, something tells us you didn’t get into this business to spend your time wrangling data. Advertising data is overwhelmingly challenging to organize and manage because an endless number of platforms speak their own self-serving language. What remains is a sprawling, complex digital ad landscape without a foundational, common language. The industry needs an interpreter.

Make do-it-yourself data a thing of the past.

We’re a team of digital media experts that built a solution to address those challenges – an elegant, easy-to-use and technology–based platform that organizes, manages and reports on all of your cross-channel data.

We call it Advertising Intelligence.

When you have cross-channel advertising intelligence at your fingertips, you’re in command of your campaigns. You look smarter because you can deliver not only what’s happening, but why it’s happening.

No more burning the midnight oil. No more daily fire drills.

With Lumenad, you become the hero – capturing insights, taking action and showing off your strategic and creative muscle.

Want to change things for the better?

We’re always on the lookout for new team members who can deliver a diverse set of experiences, skills and perspectives to join us as we improve this industry together.