3 Ways Franchises Can Prove ROAS

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Impressions

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Possibly the most important acronym for franchise marketing is Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Put simply, ROAS is the measurement of how effective ads are at driving sales (i.e., are you getting your money’s worth?).

It’s a tall order, but a franchise marketing leader that can prove ROAS will get buy-in all the way up, down and across the chain.

ROAS is a unique problem for franchises because you’re essentially connecting the dots between the physical and the digital worlds. Then there’s the additional layer of complexity the franchise model adds with its unique mix of strong brand presence and individual franchise independence.

At the core of being able to prove ROAS is clear, real-time understanding and communication of what’s happening with your digital advertising and why. From there, you can better understand how your audience reacts and how to optimize towards higher foot traffic (and, by extension, sales).  

For a franchise marketer to prove ROAS, they need to do three things:


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1. Rethink Reporting

How often do you pull reports? Monthly? Quarterly? From our experience, it’s not uncommon for franchises to pull comprehensive reports just twice a year, if they do it at all. This is the first stumbling block to being able to prove ROAS.  

When it comes to digital advertising, the name of the game is agility. Even monthly reports are too slow, because by the time you wrap your head around the numbers, any insights you draw from them will be out of date.

So stop thinking about reports as something to pull together. Real-time comprehensive reports per location, per campaign, and even per ad set should be available at a moment’s notice.

Build your digital advertising around this philosophy and you’ll have a clear understanding of what’s happening at any given time. This’ll open the door to:

The key to this new philosophy around reporting is proper setup. You need to align everything from the get-go to roll right into reports seamlessly. The LumenAd platform does exactly this with its planning and connecting features that align all digital advertising efforts.

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2. Do More With Less 

One of the things better reporting doesn’t answer for is all the grunt work required to get a digital advertising campaign up and running. It takes a lot of work and expertise, which makes it not something you necessarily want to ask individual franchisees to handle.

If you’re not careful, the sheer amount of work required to keep all these campaigns going will drown you and your team. You need to work smarter, not harder to keep your head above water.

How we do it is by prioritizing high value-add tasks over low value-add tasks. That is, answering the question of “what tasks are actually worth the time they demand?”

This idea is nice, but it’s not easy to answer this question if you don’t have the capacity to do so. The good news is that we’ve done this digital advertising thing a lot, so we have a good idea of which tasks are low value-add tasks and we went ahead an automated them — tasks like conversion tracking. We call it the automated workflow and it’s essential to gaining the capacity needed to work smarter.

The end result is less money spent on hiring a managed service or hiring new employees to fill in the gruntwork gaps. And less money spent on getting the same result is how you definitively prove ROAS.

The end result is less money spent on hiring a
managed service or hiring new employees.

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3. Put Money In

“You have to put money in to get money out.” It’s a maxim that’s proven true perhaps more than the people in finance want to admit. And it’s true when it comes to paid media and digital advertising.

The truth is that humans are online. It’s how we communicate, and if you aren’t where the eyeballs are, you will not make an impact. There will simply be no return at all. So it’s not enough for you to start going in on digital advertising, everyone across the franchise needs to buy in.

If you can prove ROAS, convincing them is easy. Even on a test case basis, by implementing a new reporting philosophy and by working smarter, it’ll be a cinch.

And once you get buy-in, it’s liftoff! The better you get at managing the money you put in to digital advertising, the more money you’ll get back.


ROAS doesn’t have to be rocket science (were you waiting for it?). If you build your process and team around it and give it some gas, it’ll change your franchise for the better.

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