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Five On Black

Case Study: Five on Black

Campaign locates loyal customers in restaurant’s new locale

The Challenge

Five On Black, a Missoula, Montana-based, fast-casual Brazilian restaurant chain, opened its second location in Bozeman, Montana, in the spring of 2015. After opening its doors, Five on Black needed to locate potential loyal customers in its new neighborhood and increase top of mind awareness through a hyper-targeted digital campaign.

The Solution

LumenAd joined forces with Five on Black and conducted an analysis of pre-existing customer data from Five on Black’s flagship restaurant and constructed a layered and robust cross-channel digital campaign which included channels such as paid search and web display.

Precision Ad Placement

Activated ad placement based on device type, characteristics and other highly user-centric specifications including the device-specific Yelp App for iOS. Time of day ad targeting allowed Five on Black to reach key demographic segments at the time of day when they are thinking about their next meal.

Highlighting Geographic, Lifestyle Factors

LumenAd promoted Five On Black to college students by placing a geofence around the Montana State University campus. Additionally, LumenAd targeted active women in the city limits as well as downtown employees who work close to Five on Black’s downtown restaurant.

Sourcing Most Relevant Channels

Ads alerted potential customers to Five on Black’s new location in downtown Bozeman with eye-catching content on the sites they visited early and often, such as Yelp!, Spotify and YouTube. Also, placed display ads on local Bozeman sites, such as and

Behavioral Targeting

Delivered ad segments for Five on Black such as:"Exercise and Health," "Healthy Living," "Fitness," "Nutrition & Diets."


Increased the number of engaged sessions driven from display channel ads by 93%


Average time on site for this campaign was 40% higher than site average