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Adventure Cycling

Case Study: Adventure Cycling

Cross-country bike tour program courts, converts interested cyclists

The Challenge

Missoula, Montana-based, nonprofit Adventure Cycling Association wanted to increase nationwide awareness of its one-of-a-kind “Epic Tours,” along with the hundreds of other bicycling tours and services it offers across the county. Adventure Cycling partnered with LumenAd to create a robust, cross-channel digital campaign with integrated messaging to target and convert interested individuals into bicycle tourists and ACA members.

The Solution

LumenAd identified data segments of individuals interested in travel, biking and bike tourism, these targeted segments are most likely to convert to an engaged ACA member. LumenAd used its access to real-time ad optimization and flexible, multi-facetted approach to launch relevant content-rich ads only on websites, devices and social platforms those interested individuals frequent.

Mobile Targeting

LumenAd promoted Adventure Cycling’s services to interested and relevant segments across the country focusing on bicycle-centric communities and regions along its “Epic Tour” routes.

Lookalike Modeling

LumenAd used historical data based on previous participants in ACA cross-country tours to develop the ideal audience segments for campaign messaging. These segments encapsulated the ideal mix of age, race, gender and interests to target individuals most likely to react and engage with ACA bike tourism ads. ACA focused its campaign messages on individuals in the national biking community as well as those with general interests in adventure travel, to increase awareness of cross-country travel and biking tourism.

Audience-Specific Creative and Landing Pages

ACA implemented unique, engaging creative and landing pages with lead forms. These pages employed a strong call to action to increase likelihood that the prospective client would fill out the form.


Retargeted visitors to the ACA site with ads acknowledging they visited the site and invited those individuals back to create an account or purchase a membership. Targeted users that recently searched online for ACA related keywords, such as “bike tours” or “road bike trips.”


Increased the number of engaged sessions driven from display channel ads by 93%


Average time on site for this campaign was 40% higher than site average